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Presentations from SRS 2022

Presentations from SRS 2022

Links to the SRS 2022 talks are below.

Wednesday 23rd

Astrobiology - Chair: Natuschka Lee

  • 13:05: Merve Yesilbas (UmU) - The Role of Salts and Brines in Modern Martian Geochemistry
  • 13:30: Birger Schmitz (LU) - Astronomy by looking down instead of up - research at the Astrogeobiology Laboratory

Astronomy - Chair: Felix Ryde

  • 13:55: Jens Hoeijmakers (LU) - Atmospheres of Ultra-hot Jupiters as seen by ground and space-based telescopes
  • 14:20: Arjan Bik (SU) - Nearby starburst galaxies as analogues of galaxies in the epoch of reionization

Atmospheric Physics - Chair: Kristell Perot

  • 15:10: Donal Murtagh (Chalmers) - Odin: Ten times the lifetime - ten times the science?
  • 15:35: Alejandro Baró Pérez (SU) - Impact of smoke and non-smoke aerosols on radiation and low-level clouds over the southeast Atlantic from co-located satellite observations

Micro-Gravity and Life Sciences - Chair: Rodrigo Fernandez-Gonzalo

Quick Talks - Chair: Maria Hamrin

  • 16:50: Torbern Tagesson (LU) - Decreasing uncertainties in the regional contributions to the global carbon cycle with state‐of‐the‐art Earth observation products
  • 16:56: Abdi Adulhakim (LU) - From tree cover to tree species ‐ Leveraging deep learning to map Swedish forests using Sentinel‐1 and ‐2 observations 
  • 17:02: Hans Chen (LU) - Monitoring anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions from space
  • 17:08: Lorenz Roth (KTH) - Solar System planetary environments – in view of upcoming spacecraft explorations
  • 17:14: Rodrigo Fernandez Gonzalo (KI) - Mechanisms behind skeletal muscle and immune system alterations during spaceflight

Thursday 24th

Solar System - Chair: Mats Holmström 

  • 09:00 Sanna Alwmark (LU) - My first year on Mars - Investigating the geologic evolution of Jezero crater
  • 09:25 Michael Way (UU) - Exploring Early Venusian Habitability

Space plasma - Chair: Anders Tjulin

  • 09:50 Mats André (UU) - The escape of the upper atmosphere and a surprising way to detect this
  • 10:15 Audrey Schillings (UmU) - dB/dt spikes during space weather events

Earth observations - Chair: Johan Fransson

  • 11:10 Heather Reese (GU) - Remote sensing for Earth Science
  • 11:35 Leif Eriksson (Chalmers) - Sea ice dynamics from SAR on several frequencies. Connection to Copernicus extension mission ROSE

Formal Matters and Information - Chair: Maria Hamrin