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Final Frontier

From the Royal Observatory Greenwich

Show description:

Show length: 30 minutes
Available languages: English, Swedish, Ukranian
Framerate: 30 fps

This show is a visually spectacular and immersive journey through the history and future of space exploration. We discuss the challenges and dangers we must consider as we leave our planet, and what we might encounter as we travel the cosmos.

Files available for download: Link Size Format
Fulldome show in 1K (preview) with English Audio Download 990 MB .mkv
Fulldome show in 1K (preview) with Swedish Audio Download 930 MB .mkv
Fulldome master files in 4K Download 430 GB .zip
Original audio files - in English Download 850 MB .zip
Translated audio files - in Swedish Download 440 MB .zip
Translated audio files - in Ukranian Download 95 MB .zip
Translated audio files - in Bulgarian Download 830 MB .zip
English Manuscript Download 116 KB .pdf
Swedish Manuscript Download 306 KB .pdf

Show credits:

English language version:
  • Created by: Ed Bloomer and Tom Kerss, with special thanks to Greg Smye/Rumsby and the SL&PE team at the Royal Observatory Greenwich. Additional thanks to Dan Brandenstein, Libby Jackson, Sanjeev Gupta, Beth Healey and Tony Castilleja Jr.
  • Software: Visualizations created and rendered with DigitalSky by SkySkan. Additional rendering thanks to Blender.
  • Voiceover: Read by Dhara Patel
  • Production: Royal Observatory Greenwich
  • Additional resources: ESA, NASA and ESO
Swedish language version:
  • Manuscript: Translated by Anna S. Arnadottir, Linnea Sternefält and Martin Gustavsson.
  • Voiceover: Read by Martin Gustavsson / Recorded by Anna S. Arnadottir
  • Audioproduction: Lund University Planetarium
  • Additional resources: ESA, NASA and ESO
Ukranian language version:
  • Audio production: Planetarium Noosphere Dnipro
Bulgarian language version:
  • Audio production: Science Center "PlanetUm", Burgas, Bulgaria
Other languages:

Please contact the Royal Observatory Greenwich planetarians if you would like to translate the show to your language.