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Past speakers 2016-2020

Date Speaker Topic Author ads
December 15, 2020 Eero Vaher GAIA EDR3    
December 8, 2020 Christian Sahlholdt astronomical databases: miscellaneous; astrometry; stars: distances; Astrophysics - Astrophysics of Galaxies de Jong et al. Benford's law in the Gaia universe
November 17, 2020 Thomas Ronnet Planetary Science Deng et al. Early oxidation of the martian crust triggered by impacts
November 10, 2020 Brian Thorsbro Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Airapetian et al. Impact of space weather on climate and habitability of terrestrial-type exoplanets
November 3, 2020 Bibiana Prinoth planets and satellites: gaseous planets; planets and satellites: atmospheres; techniques: spectroscopic; Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Hoeijmakers et al. Hot Exoplanet Atmospheres Resolved with Transit Spectroscopy (HEARTS). IV. A spectral inventory of atoms and molecules in the high-resolution transmission spectrum of WASP-121 b
October 27, 2020 Alexey Bobrick Astrophysics - Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics; Astrophysics - Astrophysics of Galaxies; Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Grudić et al. STARFORGE: Toward a comprehensive numerical model of star cluster formation and feedback
October 27, 2020 Alexey Bobrick Astrophysics - Astrophysics of Galaxies; Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics Guszejnov et al. STARFORGE: The effects of protostellar outflows on the IMF
October 20, 2020 Johan Appelgren Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Doughty et al. Distinguishing multicellular life on exoplanets by testing Earth as an exoplanet
October 13, 2020 Noemi Schaffer Giant molecular clouds; Oort cloud objects; Free floating planets; Pfalzner et al. Oumuamuas Passing through Molecular Clouds
October 6, 2020 Nic Borsato astrobiology; methods: numerical; planets and satellites: dynamical evolution and stability; planets and satellites: general; Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Agnew, Matthew T.; Maddison, Sarah T.; Horner, Jonathan Properties of the single Jovian planet population and the pursuit of Solar system analogues
March 2, 2020 Martin Rey Astrophysics - Astrophysics of Galaxies; Astrophysics - Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics Naik et al. Stellar Streams in Chameleon Gravity
February 24, 2020 Abbas Askar Astrophysics - High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena; General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology Abbott et al. GW190425: Observation of a Compact Binary Coalescence with Total Mass ∼ 3.4 M☉
February 17, 2020 Michiel Lambrechts ISM: clouds; ISM: structure; turbulence; stars: formation; protoplanetary disks; Astrophysics - Astrophysics of Galaxies Hennebelle et al. What determines the formation and characteristics of protoplanetary discs?
June 10, 2019 Simona Pirani Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Richard G West et al. 2019 NGTS-4b: A sub-Neptune transiting in the desert
May 13, 2019 Simona Pirani Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Jin & Bose (2019) New clues to ancient water on Itokawa
April 29, 2019 Simona Pirani Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Orosz et al. (2019) Discovery of a Third Transiting Planet in the Kepler-47 Circumbinary System
April 8, 2019 Christian Sahlholdt Astrophysics - Stellar Populations Aguado et al. (2019) Back to the Lithium Plateau with the [Fe/H] < −6 Star J0023+0307
April 1, 2019 Eric Andersson Popular Physics Sandberg Blueberry Earth
March 25, 2019 Iryna Kushniruk Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Pfalzner & Bannister A hypothesis for the rapid formation of planets
March 11, 2019 Brian Thorsbro Physics - Popular Physics; Astrophysics - Instrumentation and Methods for Astrophysics Marin et al. Numerical constraints on the size of generation ships from total energy expenditure on board, annual food production and space farming techniques
March 4, 2019 Gregor Traven Astrophyics - Protoplanetary discs Kennedy at al. A circumbinary protoplanetary disk in a polar configuration
February 25, 2019 Simona Pirani Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics; Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics; Physics - Geophysics Lichtenberg et al. A water budget dichotomy of rocky protoplanets from 26Al-heating
February 18, 2019 Thomas Ronnet Kuiper belt: general; minor planets; asteroids: general; surveys; Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics Marsset et al. Col-OSSOS: Color and Inclination Are Correlated throughout the Kuiper Belt
December 13, 2018 Timmi Jørgensen Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics  Chowdhury et al.  A study of pulsation & rotation in a sample of A-K type stars in the Kepler field 
December 6, 2018  Daniel Mikkola  Astrophysics - Astrophysics of Galaxies  Sellwood et al.  Discriminating among theories of spiral structure using Gaia DR2 
November 29, 2018  Daohai Li  Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics  Clement et al.  Excitation and depletion of the asteroid belt in the early instability scenario 
November 22, 2018  Beibei Liu  planets and satellites: formation, protoplanetary disks, surveys  Manara et al.  Why do protoplanetary disks appear not massive enough to form the known exoplanet population? 
November 15, 2018  Simona Pirani  Astrophysics - Earth and Planetary Astrophysics; Astrophysics - Astrophysics of Galaxies   S. Bialy & A. Loeb  Could Solar Radiation Pressure Explain 'Oumuamua's Peculiar Acceleration?  
November 8, 2018  Abbas Askar  Galaxy: center, black hole physics, gravitation, relativistic processes  GRAVITY Collaboration; Abuter et al.  Detection of orbital motions near the last stable circular orbit of the massive black hole SgrA* 
November 1, 2018  Linn Eriksson  Solar System planets, Jupiter Trojan  Nesvorny et al. (2018) 
October 25, 2018  Florent Renaud  Star Formatio, Jellyfish Galaxies  Vulcani et al. (2018)  Enhanced%20Star%20Formation%20in%20Both%20Disks%20and%20Ram-pressure-stripped%20Tails%20of%20GASP%20Jellyfish%20Galaxies 
October 18, 2018  Matthäus Schulik  Planets and satellites: magnetic fields, Planets and satellites: atmospheres, plasmas  Gunell et al.  Why an intrinsic magnetic field does not protect a planet against atmospheric escape 
October 11, 2018  Christian Sahlholdt  binaries: close, blue stragglers, stars: fundamental parameters, stars: individual: V106, white dwarfs  Brogaard et al.  The blue straggler V106 in NGC 6791: a prototype progenitor of old single giants masquerading as young 
October 4, 2018  Eric Andersson  Astrophysics - Astrophysics of Galaxies  Masafumi Noguchi  The formation of solar-neighbourhood stars in two generations separated by 5 billion years 
September 27, 2018  Sebastian Lorek  protoplanetary discs; planet formation; observation  D. Harsono et al.  Evidence for the start of planet formation in a young circumstellar disk 
September 20, 2018  Iryna Kushniruk  Astrophysics of galaxies  T. Antoja et al.  Wrinkles in the Gaia data unveal a dynamically young and perturbed Milky Way disk 
November 29, 2017  Matthäus Schulik  Mars: Astrobiology; Mineralogy.  Joseph R. Michalski, Eldar Z. Noe Dobrea, Paul B. Niles & Javier Cuadros  Ancient hydrothermal seafloor deposits in Eridania basin on Mars 
November 22, 2017  Timmi Jørgensen  Astrophysics of Galaxies; High Energy Physics - Phenomenology  Stacy Y. Kim, Annika H. G. Peter, Jonathan R. Hargis  There is No Missing Satellites Problem 
November 8, 2017  Christian Sahlholdt  asteroseismology – techniques:photometric – stars: individual: Alcyone, Atlas, Electra, Maia, Merope, Taygeta, Pleione – stars: variables: general – open clusters and associations: individual: Pleiades  T. R. White et al.  Beyond the Kepler/K2 bright limit: variability in the seven brightest members of the Pleiades 
October 25, 2017  Noemi Schaffer  accretion, accretion disks – planets and satellites: formation – protoplanetary disks  Kazuhiro D. Kanagawa, Takahiro Ueda, Takayuki Muto, and Satoshi Okuzumi  Effect of Dust Radial Drift on Viscous Evolution of Gaseous Disk 
October 18, 2017  Guido Moyano  galaxies: individual: Magellanic Clouds – galaxies: star clusters: individual: R136 – galaxies: star formation – ISM: kinematics and dynamics – ISM: individual objects: 30 Doradus  Daniel Rahner, Eric W. Pellegrini, Simon C. O. Glover, Ralf S. Klessen  Forming clusters within clusters: How 30 Doradus recollapsed and gave birth again 
October 11, 2017  Alexey Bobrick  stars: formation – stars: luminosity function, mass function – globular clusters and associations: general, interstellar medium, galaxies: star formation.  Romas Smilgys, Ian A. Bonnell  Formation of stellar clusters 
October 4, 2017  Simona Pirani  minor bodies in the solar system  Agarwal, Jessica et al.  A binary main-belt comet 
May 3, 2017  Fran Bartolic  methods: statistics, planetary systems  Chen, Jingjing; Kipping, David  Probabilistic Forecasting of the Masses and Radii of Other Worlds 
April 26, 2017  Iryna Kushniruk  stars: abundances, stars: late-type, Galaxy: disc, Galaxy: kinematics and dynamics  Ramya, P.; Reddy, Bacham E.; Lambert, David L.; Musthafa, M. M.  Chemical compositions and kinematics of the Hercules stream 
March 22, 2017  Alan & Kristiina  multiple  see e-mail   
March 8, 2017  Alex Mustill  planets  Gillon, Michaël et al  Two massive rocky planets transiting a K-dwarf 6.5 parsecs away 
February 22, 2017  Karl Wahlberg Jansson  Kuiper belt: general, minor planets, asteroids: general  Wong, Ian; Brown, Michael E.  The Bimodal Color Distribution of Small Kuiper Belt Objects 
February 15, 2017  Brian Thorsbro  Galaxy: abundances, Galaxy: disk, Galaxy: evolution, galaxies: evolution  Haywood, M.; Lehnert, M. D.; Di Matteo, P.; Snaith, O.; Schultheis, M.; Katz, D.; Gómez, A.  When the Milky Way turned off the lights: APOGEE provides evidence of star formation quenching in our Galaxy 
January 11, 2017  Paul McMillan  Galaxy: kinematics and dynamics; Galaxy: halo; solar neighborhood; Astrophysics - Astrophysics of Galaxies  Helmi, Amina; Veljanoski, Jovan; Breddels, Maarten A.; Tian, Hao; Sales, Laura V.  A box full of chocolates: The rich structure of the nearby stellar halo revealed by Gaia and RAVE 
December 7, 2016  Guido Moyano  Galaxy: halo – Galaxy: kinematics and dynamics – stars: kinematics and dynamics  G. Fragione and A. Loeb  Constraining Milky Way mass with Hypervelocity Stars 
November 30, 2016  Pieter Gruyters  Individual: Messier Number: M92, Galaxy: Globular Clusters: Individual: NGC Number: NGC 288, Galaxy: Globular Clusters: Individual: NGC Number: NGC 362, Galaxy: Globular Clusters: Individual: NGC Number: NGC 1851, Galaxy: Globular Clusters: Individual: NGC Number: NGC 6397, Galaxy: Globular Clusters: Individual: NGC Number: NGC 6752, Galaxy: Globular Clusters: Individual: Name: 47 Tucanae, Stars: Abundances, Stars: Evolution  Calamida, A.; Bono, G.; Stetson, P. B.; Freyhammer, L. M.; Cassisi, S.; Grundahl, F.; Pietrinferni, A.; Hilker, M.; Primas, F.; Richtler, T.; Romaniello, M.; Buonanno, R.; Caputo, F.; Castellani, M.; Corsi, C. E.; Ferraro, I.; Iannicola, G.; Pulone, L.  Strömgren Photometry of Galactic Globular Clusters. I. New Calibrations of the Metallicity Index 
November 23, 2016  Iryna Kushniruk  Galaxy: disk, Galaxy: kinematics and dynamics, Galaxy: structure  Xu, Yan; Newberg, Heidi Jo; Carlin, Jeffrey L.; Liu, Chao; Deng, Licai; Li, Jing; Schönrich, Ralph; Yanny, Brian  Rings and Radial Waves in the Disk of the Milky Way 
November 16, 2016  Noemi Schaffer  Astrophysics - Solar and Stellar Astrophysics  Hans Moritz Günther et al  TYC 8241 2652 1 and the case of the disappearing disk: no smoking gun yet 
November 2, 2016  Louise Howes  techniques: spectroscopic, stars: fundamental parameters, stars: late-type, Galaxy: stellar content  Bergemann, Maria et al  The Gaia-ESO Survey: Hydrogen lines in red giants directly trace stellar mass 
October 26, 2016  Kalle Wahlberg Jansson  Galaxy: centre – Galaxy: kinematics and dynamics – stars: kinematics and dynamics – galaxies: star clusters: general  Fragione, G.; Capuzzo-Dolcetta, R.; Kroupa, P.  Hypervelocity stars from young stellar clusters in the Galactic Centre 
October 19, 2016  Matthäus Schulik  water-snow line - imaging - planet formation  Cieza L. A. et al  Imaging the water snow-line during a protostellar outburst 
October 12, 2016  Timmi Jørgensen  circumstellar matter, stars: evolution, supernovae: general, supernovae: individual: 2009ip, stars: winds, outflows  Smith, Nathan; Andrews, Jennifer E.; Mauerhan, Jon C.  Massive stars dying alone: the extremely remote environment of SN 2009ip 
October 5, 2016  Simona Pirani  pluto - cold-trapping -   Grundy W. M. et al  The formation of Charon’s red poles from seasonally cold-trapped volatiles 
September 21, 2016  Chao-Chin Yang  planets and satellites: formation, protoplanetary disks  Michikoshi, Shugo; Kokubo, Eiichiro  Planetesimal Formation by Gravitational Instability of a Porous Dust Disk 
September 7, 2016  Daniel Carrera  Enceladus, Satellites, dynamics, Geophysics, Saturn, satellites  Thomas, P. C.; Tajeddine, R.; Tiscareno, M. S.; Burns, J. A.; Joseph, J.; Loredo, T. J.; Helfenstein, P.; Porco, C.  Enceladus's measured physical libration requires a global subsurface ocean 
May 11, 2016  Piero Ranalli  planets, ultra-cool dwarf, planetary system  Michaël Gillon et al.   Temperate Earth-sized planets transiting a nearby ultracool dwarf star 
May 4, 2016  Timmi Jørgensen  stars: evolution – stars: low-mass – stars: magnetic fields – stars: pre-main-sequence – open clusters and associations: individual: Upper Scorpius  Feiden, Gregory A.  Magnetic Inhibition of Convection and the Fundamental Properties of Low-Mass Stars. III. A Consistent 10 Myr Age for the Upper Scorpius OB Association 
April 20, 2016  Chen Fanyao  white dwarf - atmospheres  Kepler, S. O.; Koester, Detlev; Ourique, Gustavo  A white dwarf with an oxygen atmosphere 
April 13, 2016  Simona Pirani  methods: numerical, planet–star interactions, planets and satellites: atmospheres, planets and satellites: dynamical evolution and stability, planets and satellites: individual: HD 80606 b, techniques: photometric  de Wit, Julien; Lewis, Nikole K.; Langton, Jonathan; Laughlin, Gregory; Deming, Drake; Batygin, Konstantin; Fortney, Jonathan J.  Direct Measure of Radiative and Dynamical Properties of an Exoplanet Atmosphere 
April 6, 2016  Noemi Schaffer  planetary systems — stars: individual ( HATS-11, GSC 6308-00430, HATS-12, GSC 6304-00396 ) techniques: spectroscopic, photometric  Rabus, M.; Jordán, A.; Hartman, J. D.; Bakos, G. Á.; Espinoza, N.; Brahm, R.; Penev, K.; Ciceri, S.; Zhou, G.; Bayliss, D.; Mancini, L.; Bhatti, W.; de Val-Borro, M.; Csbury, Z.; Sato, B.; Tan, T.-G.; Henning, T.; Schmidt, B.; Bento, J.; Suc, V.; Noyes, R.; Lázár, J.; Papp, I.; Sári, P.  HATS-11b and HATS-12b: Two transiting Hot Jupiters orbiting sub-solar metallicity stars selected for the K2 Campaign 7 
March 31, 2016  Michiel Lambrechts  protoplanets  Sallum, S.; Follette, K. B.; Eisner, J. A.; Close, L. M.; Hinz, P.; Kratter, K.; Males, J.; Skemer, A.; Macintosh, B.; Tuthill, P.; Bailey, V.; Defrère, D.; Morzinski, K.; Rodigas, T.; Spalding, E.; Vaz, A.; Weinberger, A. J.  Accreting protoplanets in the LkCa 15 transition disk 
March 9, 2016  Giorgi Kokaia  fast radio bursts  Spitler, L. G.; Scholz, P.; Hessels, J. W. T.; Bogdanov, S.; Brazier, A.; Camilo, F.; Chatterjee, S.; Cordes, J. M.; Crawford, F.; Deneva, J.; Ferdman, R. D.; Freire, P. C. C.; Kaspi, V. M.; Lazarus, P.; Lynch, R.; Madsen, E. C.; McLaughlin, M. A.; Patel, C.; Ransom, S. M.; Seymour, A.; Stairs, I. H.; Stappers, B. W.; van Leeuwen, J.; Zhu, W. W.  A repeating fast radio burst 
February 24, 2016  Espen Kirkesaether Brun  cosmology: theory — galaxies: dwarf — galaxies: formation — galaxies: star formation — Local Group -- methods: numerical  Wetzel, Andrew R.; Hopkins, Philip F.; Kim, Ji-hoon; Faucher-Giguere, Claude-Andre; Keres, Dusan; Quataert, Eliot  Reconciling dwarf galaxies with LCDM cosmology: Simulating a realistic population of satellites around a Milky Way-mass galaxy 
February 10, 2016  Matthäus Schulik  magnetic moment, planets  Kislyakova, Kristina G.; Holmström, Mats; Lammer, Helmut; Odert, Petra; Khodachenko, Maxim L.  Magnetic moment and plasma environment of HD 209458b as determined from Lyα observations 
February 3, 2016  Edvin Zigmanovic  Astrophysics - Astrophysics of Galaxies  Deason, Alis J.; Mao, Yao-Yuan; Wechsler, Risa H.  The Eating Habits of Milky Way Mass Halos: Destroyed Dwarf Satellites and the Metallicity Distribution of Accreted Stars 
January 27, 2016  Kalle Wahlberg Jansson  Kuiper Belt: general, planets and satellites: dynamical evolution and stability  Batygin, Konstantin; Brown, Michael E.  Evidence for a Distant Giant Planet in the Solar System 
January 13, 2016  Edita Stonkute  survey, parallaxes, stars: distances  Jofré, P.; Mädler, T.; Gilmore, G.; Casey, A. R.; Soubiran, C.; Worley, C.  Climbing the cosmic ladder with stellar twins