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Clips and Resources

The LU and the ROG production teams are willing to share clips and resources with the community.  We are always interested in knowing how people are using our resources, so if you find any of this useful then feel free to reach out and let us know.

Globular Cluster orbits

Produced by:  Lund Universtiy Planetarium

Based on data from ESAs astrometric mission; Gaia, our colleagues here at Lund Observatory have simulated the time dependent positions of the Globular Clusters as they orbit around our galaxy. 

This has then been visualized by the Lund University Plaentarium using the Digital Sky Dark Matter software from Sky-Skan.  Text elements on the dome are in English and the length of the clilp is about 2 minutes.

Simulated image of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Flying sequences

Produced by:  Lund Universtiy Planetarium

In this three minute clip we start outside the galaxy and slowly come closer and closer to Earth, finding our place in the galaxy.  The 3D elements have text in Swedish showing how far away from Earth we are.

Simulated image of space.  Red lines indicate constellations and a blue circle indicates how far away from Earth we are.

The Table of Elements

Produced by:  Lund Universtiy Planetarium


The Lund University Planetarium has produced a sequence showing a 3D model of the table of elements. 


Table of Elements in space. Simulated image.
  • 3D assets created by:  Johan Appelgren
  • Animation and fulldome production:  Anna Arnadottir
  • Simulation software:  Digital Sky Dark Matter


Fulldome videos - Festive "rain"

Produced by:  The Royal Greenwich Observatory

The Royal Observatory Greenwich has us covered for Valentines day. In this one minute scene red and pink hearts float up from the horizon and disappear among the stars.

Length: 60 seconds

Fulldome frames in 4K for download
Fulldome preview in 1K


Planetarium show preview. Floating Hearts.

The Royal Observatory Greenwich has generated this beautiful winter scene. Christmas baubles float up from the ground and disapear into the distance. Perfect for the hollidays.

Length: 30 seconds

Fulldome frames in 4K for download
Fulldome preview in 1K

Planetarium show preview.  Seasonal Baubles.

Is your national day aproaching? The Royal Observatory Greenwich has made a clip with falling flags, demonstrated in the preview file with the Swedish flags. Use blender to make a similar clip using your national flagg.

Length: 60 seconds

Fulldome frames in 4K for download
Fulldome preview in 1K
The BLENDER file

Screenshot of Blender program.

The Solar System

Produced by:  Lund University Planetarium

The Lund University Planetarium has produced this beautiful fly to Saturn (more planets coming soon), including a closeup of the ring system, a Cassini flyby and a visit to a to a number of its moons.
We like to run this sequence on the dome as the presenter talks about the planet, but in the future we may produce an audio track to accompany this piece.

Simulated image of Saturn showing Saturns rings.

This 10 minute clip was used as a background video for a presentation.  We see the Solar System in the background, the comet 67P, the Rosetta spacecraft and Jupiter among other things.

Simulated picture of Jupiter, including the comet 67P.

Looping background space videos (not fulldome)

Produced by:  Lund Universtiy Planetarium

Are you looking for a nice background for your zoom/teams meeting? 

Feel free to use any of these looping videos produced by the Lund University Planetarium. 

We have tried to keep the first and last frame of the video the same so they can loop indefinitely.