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Past speakers 2021-

Speaker / Date Topic
Eero Vaher
April 13, 2021

Characterizing and correcting the proper motion bias of the bright Gaia EDR3 sources


Rebecca Forsberg
April 6, 2021

Using heritability of stellar chemistry to reveal the history of the Milky Way


Daniel Mikkola
March 30, 2021

Identifying resonances of the Galactic bar in Gaia DR2: II. Clues from angle space


Eric Andersson
March 23, 2021

The challenge of simultaneously matching the observed diversity of chemical abundance patterns in cosmological hydrodynamical simulations


Antoine Petit
February 23, 2021

Six transiting planets and a chain of Laplace resonances in TOI-178


Bibiana Prinoth
February 2, 2021

Large Interferometer For Exoplanets (LIFE)
Paper by:  LIFE collaboration al. 2021

Martin Rey
January 26, 2021

The Growth of Black Holes in The Early Universe
Paper by:  Ma et al. 2021