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Master students and bachelor thesis students

Master students
Name Contact Office
Anatole Storck   Polaris (B239)
Kristján Ríkarður Vernharðsson  kr4547ve-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se Arcturus (B255B)
Jessica Kocher  je1414ko-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (je1414ko-s[at]student[dot]lu[dot]se)  Pollux (B224)
Emelie Sandved em1607sa-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (em1607sa-s[at]student[dot]lu[dot]se) Arcturus (B255B)
Andrea Ruiz Del Pozo an7461ru-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se Arcturus (B255B)
Arn Marklund ar8611ma-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (ar8611ma-s[at]student[dot]lu[dot]se) Polaris (B239)
Anna-Maria Söderman an8583so-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (an8583so-s[at]student[dot]lu[dot]se) Polaris (B239)
Madeline Lam ma7177la-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (ma7177la-s[at]student[dot]lu[dot]se) Arcturus (B255B)
Lydia Schollmeier (associated) ly6002sc-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (ly6002sc-s[at]student[dot]lu[dot]se) Castor (B226)
Martin Korsfeldt martin [dot] korsfeldt [dot] 4667 [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se (martin[dot]korsfeldt[dot]4667[at]student[dot]lu[dot]se) Pollux (B224)
  2nd year above - 1st year below  
Cas Anderholm Hansson sa0288an-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se Castor (B226)
Eduárd Illés ed8687il-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se Castor (B226)
Zhanna Kuhrij zh0840ku-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se Castor (B226)
Eddie Larsson eddie [dot] larsson [dot] 6476 [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se Castor (B226)
Kira Lund ki2374lu-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se Arcturus (B255B)
Matilda Skantz ma4436sk-s [at] student [dot] lu [dot] se Castor (B226)
Bachelor thesis students
Name Contact Office
Claudia Skoglund claudia [dot] skoglund [at] icloud [dot] com (claudia[dot]skoglund[at]icloud[dot]com)  
Emil Cronemyr emil [dot] cronemyr [at] gmail [dot] com (emil[dot]cronemyr[at]gmail[dot]com)  
Eric Svensson ericsvenssonbjuv [at] gmail [dot] com (ericsvenssonbjuv[at]gmail[dot]com)  
Helena Cronstedt hcronstedt [at] gmail [dot] com (hcronstedt[at]gmail[dot]com)  
Isabelle Thord isabelle [dot] thord [at] hotmail [dot] com (isabelle[dot]thord[at]hotmail[dot]com)  
Liam Dahlberg liamcool2011 [at] hotmail [dot] com (liamcool2011[at]hotmail[dot]com)  
Lukas Jönsson lukas_skate96 [at] hotmail [dot] com (lukas_skate96[at]hotmail[dot]com)  
Matilda Skantz matildaskantz [at] gmail [dot] com (matildaskantz[at]gmail[dot]com)  
Melvin Tham melth01 [at] live [dot] se (melth01[at]live[dot]se)  
Oskar Nilsson nilssixtenoskar [at] gmail [dot] com (nilssixtenoskar[at]gmail[dot]com)  
Sora Ishida sora [dot] e0127 [at] gmail [dot] com (sora[dot]e0127[at]gmail[dot]com)