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Our Telescopes

Teleskop installeras. Foto.
The Arnes Eye Telescope being installed.

Arnes Öga

(The Arne's Eye Telescope)

Year: 2019
Reflector: PlaneWave CDK24, a Dall-Kirkham Astrograph with a 24" primary mirror
Mount:  PlaneWave L-mount
CCD:  3K chip with a filterwheel with 7 slots
Available filters: UBVRI, H-alpha, SII and OIII
Spectrograf:  Echelle Spectrograph with average resolution of 18000, covering the wavelength region btw 392-780 nm.

Telescope on a sunny day
The teaching telescope

The Teaching telescope

Year: 2016
Mount: German equatorial mount (10micron GM2000HPS II)
Reflector: Schmidt-Cassegrain, 35.56cm aperture, f/11, focal length 3910mm, manufactured by Celestron, with optional white-light solar filter
Refractor: 10 cm aperture, f/9, focal length 900mm, manufactured by Celestron, with optional Halpha solar filter
Finder scope: 10x60, manufactured by Baader Planetarium, with optional white-light solar filter

The historic "Astrograph" telescope from 1914. Photo.
The historic "Astrograph" telescope from 1914


Year: 1914
Mount: Double-tube on German mount
Refractor 1: 18cm refractor, blue light optimized, for photographic plate surveys
Refractor 2:  ca. 8.6cm refractor, focal length 129 cm, eyepiece turret (25, 12.5, 6 mm)
Finder scope: ca. 2 degree field of view
Location: Northern dome

The Meridian Telescope. Photo.
The meridian telescope

The Meridian Telescope

 (not in use)

Year: 1874
Location: Lobby of the Astronomy building

Other telescopes and instruments

- Year: unknown
- on tripod with ball head
- Location: Mobile

- Heliostat: in-house development, tracking objects 120° around South
- Sunlight is reflected into the objective lense of the historic 25cm refractor of Lund Observatory
- Flexible use: Visual observations, solar projection, Hα filter with camera or eyepiece view, spectrograph
- Location: Northern Dome/Observational Terrace

- Year: estimated 1990
- on tripod with wedge and fork
- Location: Mobile

- Year: estimated 2000
- on tripod with wedge and fork
- Location: Mobile

- Year: 1867
- German equatorial mount