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Workshop Programme

This event is organised in the context of the MW-Gaia COST Action.

Program (confirmed speakers)

July 18

13:00-14:30 Session 1: Next generation astrometry in the context of Voyage 2050 (Intro. & Chair D. Hobbs)

15:00-17:30 Session 2: WG1: The Milky Way as a Galaxy: key issues for GaiaNIR (Chair: Xavier Luri)

19:30 Casual Meet Up in Lund

July 19

09:00-10.20 Session 3: WG2: The Life and Death of Stars: key issues for GaiaNIR (Chair: Gisella Clementini)

10:50-12.30 Session 4: WG3: Planetary Systems Near and Far: key issues for GaiaNIR (Chair: Santi Roca Fàbrega)

13:30-14:50 Session 5: WG5: Impact, Inclusiveness and Outreach: building the GaiaNIR community inclusively (Chair: Sergei Klioner)

15:30-17:20 Session 6: WG4: Gaia Fundamentals: Space and Time: key issues for GaiaNIR (Chair: Sonia Anton)

17:30 Mingle in foyer with glass of wine

19:30 Season buffé dinner in Lund in Weibullsalen, Tegnérs Matsalar (price 500 SEK)

July 20

09:00-11:00 Session 7: Technical challenges (Chair: Nic Walton)

11:30-12:45 Session 8: GaiaNIR  discussion, challenges, and next steps (Chair: David Hobbs & Nic Walton)

Organizing the workshop


  • Nicholas WALTON
  • Carme JORDI
  • Anthony BROWN
  • Gisella CLEMENTINI
  • Joris DE RIDDER
  • Sonia ANTON
  • Sarunas MIKOLAITIS
  • David HOBBS


  • David HOBBS
  • Judith KORTH
  • Michal PAWLAK
  • Eero VAHER