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Tycho Brahe Astronomical Society

The Tycho Brahe Astronomical Society (Swedish: Astronomiska Sälskapet Tycho Brahe, or ASTB) was founded in 1937 by professor Knut Lundmark of Lund Observatory. ASTB is open for all who are interested in astronomy, both professionals and amateur astronomers. They host regilar meetings and events on a variety of astronomical topics.

The Tycho Brahe Astronomical Society runs the Tycho Brahe Observatory, located in Oxie just outside Malmö. The observatory is open to the public every clear Monday evening during the darker months.

The Astronomical Society is named after Danish/Scanian astronomer Tycho Brahe who in 1572 observed a new star like object close to the constellation of Cassiopeia. After careful observations Tycho Brahe concluded that the object in fact was a "new star". Later he concluded it probabply as the result of an implosion of surrounding nebular materia.

The bronze bust of Tycho shown here was made by V. Bissen for the 300 years anniversary of Tycho's death. Originally it was placed in Lundagård but was moved in 1904 to Lund Observatory, then located at Svanegatan. Today it has followed the astronomers to the new Observatory at Sölvegatan.

The text on its pedestal reads:


1546 14/12

1601 24/10


The last lines are a motto of Tycho, probably hinting at the idea, that one should be mild in manners but strong in reason.

Statue of Tycho Brahe. Photo.