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Session 1  -  Chair: David Hobbs (LU)

08:30-08:35  Welcome to Virtual Lund  - David Hobbs (LU)  
08:35-08:55  Characterizing the Martian surface and potential organics with ExoMars and MOMA - Sandra Siljeström (RISE, Borås)
08:55-09:15  The first ever energetic neutral particle measurements on the lunar surface: A Swedish instrument on a Chinese lunar rover - Martin Wieser (IRF Kiruna)
09:15-09:35  Status of the Gaia mission -  Lennart Lindegren (LU)
09:35-09:55 Atmospheric and auroral research with help of sounding rockets - Mykola Ivchenko (KTH)


Session 2  -  Maria Hamrin (UMU)

10:10-10:30  Satellites and drones in combination - new possibilities for the farmers? - Mats Söderström (SLU, Skara)
10:30-10:50 Neural crest stem cells after MASER 14 space trip - Elena Kozlova (UU)
 10.50-11:10 In situ balloon measurements of ice particle properties in arctic cirrus - Thomas Kuhn (LTU)


Session 3  -  Chair: Mats Holmström (IRF)

 10.50-11:10 SRS matters - Maria Hamrin (UMU) and SRS
 10.50-11:10 SNSA information - SNSA
 10.50-11:10 Summary and thank you - Maria Hamrin (UMU)







Looking up at the watertower by the astronomy building. Photo.

The local organizing committee (LOC) are David Hobbs, Alexander Mustill, Ross Church and Paul McMillan.

The scientific organizing committee (SOC) are Maria Hamrin, David Hobbs, Anna Neubeck, Linda Megner, Johan Fransson, Lars Karlsson, Mats Holmström and Anita Kullen.