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Astronomer in profile. Photo.

Anna Arnadottir

Research engineer

Astronomer in profile. Photo.

Stjärnorna över Mayafolket

Mayan Archeoastronomy


  • Anna Arnadottir
  • Tim Olsson


  • Rigmor Grönwall
  • Cesare Righetti

Summary, in English

The Mayans have lived in central America for over 3000 years. In a region that today belongs to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize the Mayaculture lives on. Throughout history the Mayans have observed the skies above, made up stories and legends and looked to the skies for answers.
In a feast of colours and sounds, Mayan Archaeoastronomy: Observers of the Universe makes a tour of 6 Mayan temples: San Gervasio, Chichen Itzá, Uxmal, Edzná, Palenque and Bonampak where the spectator dives into a Mayan world of knowledge about the importance of the orientations of its temples in relation to the movement of some stars like the Sun, the Moon and Venus.


  • Lund Observatory - Has been reorganised
  • Vattenhallen Science Center

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  • Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology
  • History and Archaeology


  • Planetarium
  • Planetariumvisning
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  • Planetarium
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