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Astronomer in profile. Photo.

Anna Arnadottir

Research engineer

Astronomer in profile. Photo.

Månskådning : Månar och mindre himlakroppar

Moongazing : Moons Beyond Counting


  • Anna Arnadottir
  • Edward Bloomer


  • Emil Cronemyr

Other contributions

  • Martin Gustavsson

Summary, in English

As we look up at night we see that our Earth has one moon orbiting it, the one we call the Moon. We have explored our moon with orbiters, rovers and astronauts, mapping it and studying its history.
Other planets also have moons in orbit around them and these may look quite different from the Earth's moon. Some are small and look like asteroids, others are so icy they would become comets if they plunged on an elliptical orbit towards the inner solar system.

This full dome planetarium production; "Moongazing" is a part of a series titled "Moons Beyond Counting". In this installment we look closer at our own Moon as it can be seen from Earth.


  • Lund Observatory - Undergoing reorganization

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  • Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology


  • Planetarium
  • Planetariumvisning
  • Planetarium
  • Planetarium show