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Associates and previous employees

Name Contact Links
Daniel Adén
Defended his PhD in 2011
daniel [dot] stig [dot] aden [at] gmail [dot] com (daniel[dot]stig[dot]aden[at]gmail[dot]com)  
Maria Aldenius
Defended her PhD in 2007
aldenius [at] gmail [dot] com (aldenius[at]gmail[dot]com) Publications
Chiara Battistini
Defended her PhD in 2015
cbattistini [at] lsw [dot] uni-heidelberg [dot] de (cbattistini[at]lsw[dot]uni-heidelberg[dot]de) Publications
Bertram Bitsch
Senior research fellow
bitsch [at] mpia [dot] de (bitsch[at]mpia[dot]de) Personal webpage
Jim Dale dale [dot] james [dot] e [at] gmail [dot] com (dale[dot]james[dot]e[at]gmail[dot]com) Personal webpage
Melvyn B. Davies
melvyn_b [dot] davies [at] math [dot] lu [dot] se (melvyn_b[dot]davies[at]math[dot]lu[dot]se) Research Portal
Johann Dischler
Defended his PhD in 2006
johann [dot] dischler [at] gmail [dot] com (johann[dot]dischler[at]gmail[dot]com) Publications
Anita Enmark
Defended her PhD in 2009
anita [dot] enmark [at] ltu [dot] se (anita[dot]enmark[at]ltu[dot]se) Publications
Mattias Eriksson
Defended his PhD in 2006
mattias [dot] eriksson [at] hik [dot] se (mattias[dot]eriksson[at]hik[dot]se)  
Urban Eriksson urban [dot] eriksson [at] fysik [dot] lu [dot] se (urban[dot]eriksson[at]fysik[dot]lu[dot]se) Publications
Daniel Faria
Defended his PhD in 2006
dcasfaria [at] gmail [dot] com (dcasfaria[at]gmail[dot]com) Publications
Sofia Feltzing
sofia [dot] feltzing [at] geol [dot] lu [dot] se (sofia[dot]feltzing[at]geol[dot]lu[dot]se) Research portal
Diane Feuillet
diane [dot] feuillet [at] geol [dot] lu [dot] se (diane[dot]feuillet[at]geol[dot]lu[dot]se) Research portal
Christian Fendt fendt [at] mpia [dot] de (fendt[at]mpia[dot]de)
Phone: +49-6221-528-387
Fax: +49-6221-528-246
Personal webpage
Dominic Ford
Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge
dcf21 [at] ast [dot] cam [dot] ac [dot] uk (dcf21[at]ast[dot]cam[dot]ac[dot]uk) Personal webpage
Hans Gleisner hans [at] lund [dot] irf [dot] se (hans[at]lund[dot]irf[dot]se)
Home Phone: +46 46 130873
Lund Space Weather Center
Pieter Gruyters
Postdoctoral fellow
pieter [dot] gruyters [at] gmail [dot] com (pieter[dot]gruyters[at]gmail[dot]com) Research portal
Nels Hansson (deceased)
Nels passed away on May 24, 2013  
Berry Holl
Defended his PhD in 2012
berry [dot] holl [at] unige [dot] ch (berry[dot]holl[at]unige[dot]ch) Publications
Louise Howes
Research coordinator, Department of Chemistry
louise [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se (louise.)howes [at] kilu [dot] lu [dot] se
Phone: +46 46 22 21620
Sven Huldt
Research engineer
sven [dot] huldt [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se (sven[dot]huldt[at]astro[dot]lu[dot]se)
Phone: +46 70 6606617
Stefan Ivarsson
Defended his PhD in 2004
stefan [dot] ivarsson [at] dragondesign [dot] se (stefan[dot]ivarsson[at]dragondesign[dot]se)  
Sveneric Johansson (deceased)
Professor emeritus
Sveneric passed away on October 10, 2008 Publications
Christer Jupén (deceased)
Henrik Jönsson
Postdoctoral fellow
henrikj [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se (henrikj[at]astro[dot]lu[dot]se) Personal webpage
Arunas Kucinskas
ak [at] itpa [dot] lt (ak[at]itpa[dot]lt)  
Julien Lambert
julien [dot] lambert [at] physics [dot] uu [dot] se (julien[dot]lambert[at]physics[dot]uu[dot]se) Publications
Michiel Lambrechts
Associate Professor
michiel [dot] lambrechts [at] sund [dot] ku [dot] dk (michiel[dot]lambrechts[at]sund[dot]ku[dot]dk) Publications
Gunnar Larsson-Leander (deceased)
Professor emeritus
Gunnar passed away in January 2020  
Thomas Lennartsson
Defended his PhD in 2012
thomas [dot] lennartsson [at] gmail [dot] com (thomas[dot]lennartsson[at]gmail[dot]com)  
Andrew Levan
a [dot] j [dot] levan [at] warwick [dot] ac [dot] uk (a[dot]j[dot]levan[at]warwick[dot]ac[dot]uk)  
Bertil Anders Lindblad (deceased)
Bertil passed away on October 9, 2010  
Peter Linde
peter [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se (peter[at]astro[dot]lu[dot]se) Publications
Ulf Litzén
Professor emeritus
ulf [dot] litzen [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se (ulf[dot]litzen[at]astro[dot]lu[dot]se) Publications
Beibei Liu
Postdoctoral fellow
bbliu [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se (bbliu[at]astro[dot]lu[dot]se) Personal webpage
Cheng Liu
Defended his PhD in 2015
cheng [at] nao [dot] cas [dot] cn (cheng[at]nao[dot]cas[dot]cn) Publications
Fan Liu
fan [dot] liu [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se (fan[dot]liu[at]astro[dot]lu[dot]se) Personal webpage
Research portal
Martin Lundqvist
Defended his PhD in 2006
Henrik Lundstedt
Senior lecturer
henrik [at] lund [dot] irf [dot] se (henrik[at]lund[dot]irf[dot]se)
Phone number: +46 46 2862120
Home phone: +46 46 136997
Lund Space Weather Center
Ingemar Lundström
Senior lecturer
ingemar [dot] lundstrom [at] gmail [dot] com (ingemar[dot]lundstrom[at]gmail[dot]com) Publications
Daniel Michalik
Defended his PhD in 2015
dmichali [at] cosmos [dot] esa [dot] int (dmichali[at]cosmos[dot]esa[dot]int) Publications
Guido Moyano
guido [dot] moyano [at] gmail [dot] com (guido[dot]moyano[at]gmail[dot]com)  
Krister Nielsen nielsen [at] stis [dot] gsfc [dot] nasa [dot] gov (nielsen[at]stis[dot]gsfc[dot]nasa[dot]gov)
Phone: +1 301 286 4533
Personal webpage
Herta Nilsson (deceased) Herta passed away on March 21, 2020  
Mette Owner-Petersen
Senior lecturer
mette [at] astro [dot] lu [dot] se (mette[at]astro[dot]lu[dot]se) Publications
Simona Pirani
Defended her PhD in 2020
  Research portal
Piero Ranalli
piero [dot] ranalli [at] gmail [dot] com (piero[dot]ranalli[at]gmail[dot]com) Publications
Asli Pehlivan Rhodin
Defended her PhD in 2018
  Research portal
Gregory Ruchti (deceased) Greg passed away on May 13, 2019  
Matthäus Schulik
Defended his PhD in 2020
  Research portal
Björn Stenholm bjorn [dot] rgatan [at] gmail [dot] com (bjorn[dot]rgatan[at]gmail[dot]com)
Mobile Phone: +46 73 98 22 410
Edita Stonkute
edita [dot] stonkute [at] tfai [dot] vu [dot] lt (edita[dot]stonkute[at]tfai[dot]vu[dot]lt) Publications
Katrin Särg (deceased)
Senior lecturer
Katrin passed away on October 16, 2017  
Staffan Söderhjelm
staffan [at] astrokonsult [dot] se (staffan[at]astrokonsult[dot]se)
Mobile phone: +46 70 742 45 92
Personal webpage
Karl Wahlberg Jansson
Defended his PhD in 2017
  Personal webpage
Glenn M. Wahlgren gwahlgren [at] stsci [dot] edi (gwahlgren[at]stsci[dot]edu)
Space Telescope Science Institute
Gun Wiesel    

Fredrik Wallinder
Defended his PhD in 1991

fredrikwallinder [at] gmail [dot] com  
Torbjörn Wiesel
Research engineer
torbjorn [dot] wiesel [at] gmail [dot] com (torbjorn[dot]wiesel[at]gmail[dot]com)
Mobile number: +46 70 5303742
Home number: +46 46 253819
Peter Wintoft
peter [at] lund [dot] irf [dot] se (peter[at]lund[dot]irf[dot]se)
Work Phone: +46 46 2862121
Home Phone: +46 46 146273
Lund Space Weather Center
Stig Wramdemark
Senior lecturer
stig4242 [at] hotmail [dot] com (stig4242[at]hotmail[dot]com)
Phone: +46 31 422013
Chao-Chin Yang
Senior research fellow
ccyang [at] unlv [dot] edu (ccyang[at]unlv[dot]edu) Personal webpage
Kasper Öberg ko [at] buddeschou [dot] dk (ko[at]buddeschou[dot]dk)
Work phone: +45 7025 0900