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Colin Carlile, researcher at Lund Observatory. Photo.

Colin Carlile

Guest researcher

Colin Carlile, researcher at Lund Observatory. Photo.

The ESSnuSB Design Study: Overview and Future Prospects


  • A. Alekou
  • E. Baussan
  • A. K. Bhattacharyya
  • N. Blaskovic Kraljevic
  • M. Blennow
  • M. Bogomilov
  • B. Bolling
  • E. Bouquerel
  • F. Bramati
  • A. Branca
  • O. Buchan
  • A. Burgman
  • C. J. Carlile
  • J. Cederkall
  • S. Choubey
  • P. Christiansen
  • M. Collins
  • E. Cristaldo Morales
  • L. D’Alessi
  • H. Danared
  • D. Dancila
  • J. P. A. M. de André
  • J. P. Delahaye
  • M. Dracos
  • I. Efthymiopoulos
  • T. Ekelöf
  • M. Eshraqi
  • G. Fanourakis
  • A. Farricker
  • E. Fernandez-Martinez
  • B. Folsom
  • T. Fukuda
  • N. Gazis
  • B. Gålnander
  • Th. Geralis
  • M. Ghosh
  • A. Giarnetti
  • G. Gokbulut
  • L. Halić
  • M. Jenssen
  • R. Johansson
  • A. Kayis Topaksu
  • B. Kildetoft
  • B. Kliček
  • M. Kozioł
  • K. Krhač
  • Ł. Łacny
  • M. Lindroos
  • A. Longhin
  • C. Maiano
  • S. Marangoni
  • C. Marrelli
  • D. Meloni
  • M. Mezzetto
  • N. Milas
  • M. Oglakci
  • M. Olvegård
  • T. Ota
  • M. Pari
  • J. Park
  • D. Patrzalek
  • G. Petkov
  • P. Poussot
  • F. Pupilli
  • S. Rosauro-Alcaraz
  • D. Saiang
  • J. Snamina
  • A. Sosa
  • G. Stavropoulos
  • M. Stipčević
  • B. Szybiński
  • R. Tarkeshian
  • F. Terranova
  • J. Thomas
  • T. Tolba
  • E. Trachanas
  • R. Tsenov
  • G. Vankova-Kirilova
  • N. Vassilopoulos
  • E. Wildner
  • J. Wurtz
  • O. Zormpa
  • Y. Zou

Summary, in English

ESSnuSB is a design study for an experiment to measure the CP violation in the leptonic sector at the second neutrino oscillation maximum using a neutrino beam driven by the uniquely powerful ESS linear accelerator. The reduced impact of systematic errors on sensitivity at the second maximum allows for a very precise measurement of the CP violating parameter. This review describes the fundamental advantages of measurement at the second maximum, the necessary upgrades to the ESS linac in order to produce a neutrino beam, the near and far detector complexes, and the expected physics reach of the proposed ESSnuSB experiment, concluding with the near future developments aimed at the project realization.


  • MAX IV Laboratory
  • European Spallation Source ESS AB
  • Lund Observatory - Has been reorganised
  • Astrophysics
  • Nuclear physics
  • Department of Physics
  • Particle and nuclear physics
  • Nano Electronics
  • Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Document type

Journal article




  • Subatomic Physics



Research group

  • Nano Electronics


  • ISSN: 2218-1997