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Colin Carlile, researcher at Lund Observatory. Photo.

Colin Carlile

Guest researcher

Colin Carlile, researcher at Lund Observatory. Photo.

The Meridian S02E06 : Nuclear fusion, fission & a chat with a telescope operator


  • Anna Arnadottir
  • Nicholas Borsato
  • Rebecca Forsberg
  • Colin Carlile
  • Sara Vitali

Summary, in English

Joining us on the Meridian today we have Colin Carlile, the former director of the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL). He came to Sweden to head up the Swedish bid to locate the European Spallation Source here in Lund, and after formally retireing he did a master degree in astronomy here at Lund Observatory.

In this second season of the Meridian we are also bringing you some field reporting from the Nordic Optical Telescope on La Palma, where a team of Lund Observatory astronomers have been trying to catch an ultra-hot Jupiter-sized exoplanet. In this instalment clouds are making it impossible to observe, so Nic invites the support astronomer, Sara Vitali, to share her experiences of how it is to work on the mountaintop.


  • Lund Observatory - Has been reorganised
  • Vattenhallen Science Center

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