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Lund Observatory
Lund University

Nils Ryde, ETP

Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Research Fellow


Docent, tekn. dr


- Study Advisor at the Institution for Astronomy and Theoretical Physics, 2012-.

- Full member of the Board of the Institution for Astronomy and Theoretical Physics 2013-2015.

- Deputy member of the ”Institutionsgrundutbildningsnämnd” (IGU) for Physics at Lund University, 2010-.

- Responsible for the courses ASTA03 (2009-) and ASTA34 (2011-).

Research Interests

My field of research is stellar spectroscopy. My main project now deals with the origin of the galactic bulge by investigating its stars at high spectral resolution in the near-IR. A red thread through my research projects have been spectroscopy at high resolution with special emphasis on the opportunities that come with cutting-edge IR spectrometers.




  • Galactic Chemical Evolution
    1. Origin of the inner Galactic bulge, |b| < 3 degrees with VLT/CRIRES/ISAAC/UVES, NTT/SOFI, and KECK/NIRSPEC
    2. Chemical evolution of fluorine, sulfur, and carbon in the Milky Way with VLT/CRIRES/UVES

Research Group Members

Ryde research group

  • Dr. Nils Ryde (senior lecturer)
  • Dr. Eric Josselin (guest researcher) 2014-2015
  • Dr. Julien Lambert (post-doc), 2013-2015
  • Fil. lic. Henrik Jönsson (PhD student), 2009-2015
  • Henrik Rhodin (Master-thesis student), 2013-2015

Former members 2012-

  • Mohsen Farzone (Master-thesis student), 2011-2013
  • Elvijs Matrozis (Master-thesis student), 2012-2013
  • Jonas Andersson (Master-thesis student), 2013-2014

Career History

  • ETP (Excellent Teacher Practiioner), Lund University, 2012
  • Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Research Fellow, 2008-2012
  • Docent in Astronomy with spec. in Astrophysics, Uppsala Universtiy, 2005
  • Chercheur associe at GRAAL, Universite Montpellier 2, Autumn 2004, CNRS
  • Research Associate in Astrophysics, Uppsala Universtiy, 2003-2007, Swedish Research Council (VR)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow,  University of Texas at Austin, 2001-2002, STINT
  • Postdoctoral Fellow,  Uppsala University, 2000, Swedish National Space Board
  • Teknologie doktor (Ph.D.) in Astrophysics, 2000, Uppsala Universtiy;  supervision of Prof. Bengt Gustafsson and Doc. Kjell Eriksson
  • Civ. ing. in Engineering Physics (212 p), 1994, Lund Institute of Technology; Master thesis in Elementary Particle Physics
  • Sergeant in the Swedish Royal Airforce

  • Member, American Astronomical Society
  • Member, European Astronomical Society
  • Member, International Astronomical Union (IAU)

Docent Nils Ryde
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