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  • Melvyn B Davies has been awarded LUNA's pedagogical prize

    The student union at the Faculty of Science, LUNA, has decided to award Melvyn B Davies at the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics with their pedagogical prize for 2017.

    "The pedagogical prize is awarded to an outstanding teacher. Such a teacher should understand individuality of different students, be an asset and resource for support, create enthusiasm for the subject being taught and take into account the student opinions."

    The award will be handed over during the graduation ceremony on June 4th.

  • Workshop The science of Gaia and future challenges,
    August 30-September 1, 2017

  • Public star gazing

  • Student Astronomy Club - ALVA
    Info: alva.astro.lu@gmail.com

  • Planetariet - i Vattenhallen Science Center
    Info: vattenhallen@lth.se, tel 046-222 43 51

  • Astronomy and Theoretical Physics

    Lund Observatory is part of the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics. You can here find information about Astronomy, while for information about Theoretical Physics we refer you to www.thep.lu.se/english.

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