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Anna S. Arnadottir

Ph.D. in astronomy and astrophysics.

Anna Arnadottir

Most of us choose to live in well lit urban areas where ligth from the ground drowns out the stars. Nowadays it is rare to look up and see the Milky Way streatch over the night sky. In order to experience the night sky one now must travel to remote areas. An alternative is to visit the Lund University Planetarium, funded by the Fakulty of Science and managed by myself.

The Planetarium receives about 10 000 visitors per year, mostly school children and members of the public. At the planetarium you can see fulldome shows, demonstrations and lectures on current astronomical topics. All bookings go via Vattenhallen Science Center.

Anna Arnadottir

Anna Arnadottir

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e-mail: anna @
phone: +46 (0) 46 222 1572