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Lund Observatory offers a Master's programme in astrophysics for students who already have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent in physics or astronomy. We offer a wide selection of courses within our different research areas. Our research covers a wide range of topics in observational and theoretical astrophysics, including exoplanet formation and dynamics, stellar and laboratory spectroscopy, black hole binaries, and the formation and evolution of galaxies including our own Milky Way. You can read more about research work on our research pages.

The Master's programme is equivalent to two years of full time work (120 ECTS), out of which one year (60 ECTS) consists of courses and the other half (60 ECTS) consists of a research project carried out at the department. The first semester is entirely devoted to coursework, in order to give you a solid foundation of knowledge to use in your project work, while the remaining three semesters are split between working on your research project and taking courses.

You can download a brochure summarizing the programme here.

If you are new in Lund we have collected some useful information, such as how to find housing here.

Lund Observatory, Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics
Box 43, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden
Visiting address: Sölvegatan 27
Phone: +46 46 22 27300, Fax: +46 46 22 24614
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Last updated: 2010 Mar 12

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