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Nils Ryde. Photo.

Nils Ryde


Nils Ryde. Photo.

Carbon stars in local group dwarf galaxies: C and O abundances


  • R. Wahlin
  • K. Eriksson
  • B. Gustafsson
  • K.H. Hinkle
  • Nils Ryde
  • B. Westerlund

Summary, in English

We present abundances of carbon and oxygen as well as abundance ratios 12C/13C for a sample of carbon stars in the LMC, SMC, Carina, Sculptor and Fornax dwarf galaxies. The overall metallicities in these dwarf galaxies are lower than in the galactic disc. The observations cover most of the AGB and we discuss the abundance patterns in different regions along the AGB. The abundances are determined from infrared spectra obtained with the ISAAC spectrometer on VLT (R=1500) and the Phoenix Spectrometer on Gemini South (R=50000). The synthetic spectra used in the analysis were computed with MARCS model atmospheres. We find that the oxygen abundance is decreasing with decreasing overall metallicity of the system while the C/O ratio at a given evolutionary phase is increasing with decreasing oxygen abundance.

Based on observations collected at the European Southern Observatory, Paranal, Chile (ESO Programme 70.D-0414 & 072.D-0501)

Publishing year







Memorie della Societa Astronomica Italiana



Document type

Journal article


  • Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology


  • Stars: carbon
  • Stars: abundances
  • Galaxies: dwarf
  • Stars: AGB and post-AGB
  • Local Group
  • Infrared: stars