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Stone Edge Observatory

The Stone Edge Observatory (SEO) is a privately owned observatory located near Sonoma in California, operated by Yerkes Observatory. When remotely operating the telescope from Sweden, the time difference works in our favour; Its still dark in California long after the Sun has risen over the horizon here in Europe.

Interested groups can book observing time at the telescope by contacting Vattenhallen Science Center.  As with all observing sessions it is weather dependent.  An experienced astronomer from Lund Observatory, most likely myself, will introduce the basics of observing and guide you through the observing session.  You are then free to download and use the observational material as you see fit.

Below you se examples of what kind of observations one can obtain using the Stone Edge Observatory.  Note that the raw images from the telescope are in .fits format. For image viewing, processing and annalysing .fits images I recommend the Subaru Image Processor.

The Crab Nebula. Astronomical image from S.E.O.

M1: The Crab Nebula
Filters: g, r and i
Total exposure time: 50 minutes.


The Andromeda Galaxy. Astronomical image from S.E.O.

M31: The Andromeda Galaxy
Filters: g, r and i
Total exposure time: 28 minutes