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Torben Anderssen. Profile picture.

Torben Andersen

Professor emeritus (Leave of Absence)

Torben Anderssen. Profile picture.

Modeling ELTs at different wavelengths


  • Anita Enmark
  • Torben Andersen


  • Torben Andersen

Summary, in English

The next generation of telescopes, the Extremely Large Telescopes (ELTs), will have a multitude Of control loops to maintain nearly diffraction-limited performance in the presence of atmospheric turbulence and external disturbances, for instance from wind. Integrated simulation models combining structural and optical modeling together with control system modeling are efficient tools for prediction of performance of ELTs. Such models include submodels of structures, adaptive optics, atmosphere, wind load, deformable mirrors and a segmented primary mirror. So far the models applied have been applicable to observations in the K-band. However, there is a desire to also operate the ELTs with adaptive optics at wavelengths in the visible range. We here give estimates of the feasibility of performing such simulations. We set up scaling laws for the design parameters as a function of wavelength of operation and we show that the execution time for an integrated model of an ELT depends dramatically on the operation wavelength. We also discuss the consequences of different choices of model refinement. Finally we present estimates of the execution time for integrated models of ELTs. We show that accurate modeling in the K-band calls for long execution times, even with parallel computers. For wavelengths in the visible range, only the very simplest models are feasible due to execution time limitations, thereby precluding many interesting studies related to noise sensitivity and limiting magnitude for guide stars.


  • Lund Observatory - Has been reorganised

Publishing year







Extremely Large Telescopes: Which Wavelengths? Retirement Symposium for Arne Ardeberg



Document type

Conference paper




  • Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology

Conference name

Extremely Large Telescopes: Which Wavelengths? Retirement Symposium for Arne Ardeberg

Conference date

2007-11-29 - 2007-11-30

Conference place

Lund, Sweden



Research group

  • Telescope Group


  • ISSN: 1996-756X
  • ISSN: 0277-786X