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Judith Korth



TOI-1268b : The youngest hot Saturn-mass transiting exoplanet


  • J. Šubjak
  • M. Endl
  • P. Chaturvedi
  • R. Karjalainen
  • W. D. Cochran
  • M. Esposito
  • D. Gandolfi
  • K. W. F. Lam
  • K. Stassun
  • J. Žák
  • N. Lodieu
  • H. M. J. Boffin
  • P. J. MacQueen
  • A. Hatzes
  • E. W. Guenther
  • I. Georgieva
  • S. Grziwa
  • H. Schmerling
  • M. Skarka
  • M. Blažek
  • M. Karjalainen
  • M. Špoková
  • H. Isaacson
  • A. W. Howard
  • C. J. Burke
  • V. Van Eylen
  • B. Falk
  • M. Fridlund
  • E. Goffo
  • J. M. Jenkins
  • J. Korth
  • J. J. Lissauer
  • J. H. Livingston
  • R. Luque
  • A. Muresan
  • H. P. Osborn
  • E. Pallé
  • C. M. Persson
  • S. Redfield
  • G. R. Ricker
  • S. Seager
  • L. M. Serrano
  • A. M. S. Smith
  • P. Kabáth

Summary, in English

We report the discovery of TOI-1268b, a transiting Saturn-mass planet from the TESS space mission. With an age of less than 1 Gyr, derived from various age indicators, TOI-1268b is the youngest Saturn-mass planet known to date; it contributes to the small sample of well-characterised young planets. It has an orbital period of P = 8.1577080 ± 0.0000044 days, and transits an early K-dwarf star with a mass of M∗ = 0.96 ± 0.04 M+, a radius of R∗ = 0.92 ± 0.06 R+, an effective temperature of Teff = 5300 ± 100 K, and a metallicity of 0.36 ± 0.06 dex. By combining TESS photometry with high-resolution spectra acquired with the Tull spectrograph at the McDonald Observatory, and the high-resolution spectrographs at the Tautenburg and OndR ejov Observatories, we measured a planetary mass of Mp = 96.4 ± 8.3 Mp and a radius of Rp = 9.1 ± 0.6 Rp. TOI-1268 is an ideal system for studying the role of star-planet tidal interactions for non-inflated Saturn-mass planets. We used system parameters derived in this paper to constrain the planeta's tidal quality factor to the range of 104.5-5.3. When compared with the sample of other non-inflated Saturn-mass planets, TOI-1268b is one of the best candidates for transmission spectroscopy studies.

Publishing year





Astronomy and Astrophysics



Document type

Journal article


EDP Sciences


  • Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology


  • Planetary systems
  • Planets and satellites: Atmospheres
  • Planets and satellites: gaseous planets
  • Techniques: photometric
  • Techniques: radial velocities
  • Techniques: spectroscopic




  • ISSN: 0004-6361