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Colin Carlile, researcher at Lund Observatory. Photo.

Colin Carlile

Guest researcher

Colin Carlile, researcher at Lund Observatory. Photo.

Study of nonstandard interactions mediated by a scalar field at the ESSnuSB experiment


  • J. Aguilar
  • M. Anastasopoulos
  • E. Baussan
  • A. K. Bhattacharyya
  • A. Bignami
  • M. Blennow
  • M. Bogomilov
  • B. Bolling
  • E. Bouquerel
  • F. Bramati
  • A. Branca
  • W. Brorsson
  • G. Brunetti
  • I. Bustinduy
  • C. J. Carlile
  • J. Cederkall
  • T. W. Choi
  • S. Choubey
  • P. Christiansen
  • M. Collins
  • E. Cristaldo Morales
  • H. Danared
  • D. Dancila
  • J. P. A. M. de André
  • M. Dracos
  • I. Efthymiopoulos
  • T. Ekelöf
  • M. Eshraqi
  • G. Fanourakis
  • A. Farricker
  • E. Fasoula
  • T. Fukuda
  • N. Gazis
  • Th. Geralis
  • M. Ghosh
  • A. Giarnetti
  • G. Gokbulut
  • C. Hagner
  • L. Haliifmmode celse ć
  • V. T. Hariharan
  • K. E. Iversen
  • M. Jenssen
  • R. Johansson
  • E. Kasimi
  • A. Kayis Topaksu
  • B. Kildetof
  • B. Kliifmmode celse ček
  • K. Kordas
  • A. Leisos
  • M. Lindroos
  • A. Longhin
  • C. Maiano
  • S. Marangoni
  • C. Marrelli
  • C. Martins
  • D. Meloni
  • M. Mezzetto
  • N. Milas
  • J. L. Muñoz
  • M. Oglakci
  • T. Ohlsson
  • M. Olvegård
  • M. Pari
  • D. Patrzalek
  • G. Petkov
  • Ch. Petridou
  • P. Poussot
  • A. Psallidas
  • F. Pupilli
  • D. Raikwal
  • D. Saiang
  • D. Sampsonidis
  • C. Schwab
  • F. Sordo
  • A. Sosa
  • G. Stavropoulos
  • M. Stipifmmode celse čeviifmmode celse ć
  • R. Tarkeshian
  • F. Terranova
  • T. Tolba
  • E. Trachanas
  • R. Tsenov
  • A. Tsirigotis
  • S. E. Tzamarias
  • G. Vankova-Kirilova
  • N. Vassilopoulos
  • S. Vihonen
  • J. Wurtz
  • V. Zeter
  • O. Zormpa
  • Y. Zou

Summary, in English

In this paper, we study scalar mediator induced nonstandard interactions (SNSIs) in the context of the ESSnuSB experiment. In particular, we study the capability of ESSnuSB to put bounds on the SNSI parameters and also study the impact of SNSIs in the measurement of the leptonic CP phase δCP. Existence of SNSIs modifies the neutrino mass matrix and this modification can be expressed in terms of three diagonal real parameters (ηee, ημμ, and ηττ) and three off-diagonal complex parameters (ηeμ, ηeτ, and ημτ). Our study shows that the upper bounds on the parameters ημμ and ηττ depend upon how Δm2 31 is minimized in the theory. However, this is not the case when one tries to measure the impact of SNSIs on δCP. Further, we show that the CP sensitivity of ESSnuSB can be completely lost for certain values of ηee and ημτ for which the appearance channel probability becomes independent of δCP.


  • Astrophysics
  • Nuclear physics
  • Particle and nuclear physics
  • eSSENCE: The e-Science Collaboration
  • European Spallation Source ESS AB

Publishing year





Physical Review D



Document type

Journal article


American Physical Society


  • Subatomic Physics




  • ISSN: 2470-0010