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Supervised students and teaching


Currently, my main teaching activity is the organisation of the Master in Astrophysics program that we give in Lund. As coordinator I, in addition to administrative work, also organise mini-workshops for the students on specific topics where they learn complementary skills or reflect on their learning and development.

I teach both on the undergraduate level as well as the graduate level. In addition to this I also supervise master and bachelor projects. About every second or third year I also give two gradaute courses, one on Galaxy formation and evolution and one on Globular clusters. A reading course on Galactic chemical evolution is also available "on demand".

Extragalactic astronomy (ASTM19)

Master level course, given every second year. More information about the course can be found on the course website I was the responsible for this course since 2010 - 2017.

Galaxies and Cosmlogy (ASTA33)

Bachelor level course that I taught until 2013. Given each fall. More information about the course can be found on the course website .

Master, bachelor and magister students

Nicklas Andersson (Bachelor)
Brad Bowers (Master)
Stefan Gesse (Magister)
Alexander Hansson (Bachelor and Master)
Magnus Fohlman (Magister)
Jonas Johansson (Magister)
Stefan Kihlstedt (Mahgister)
Lina Kohlström (Magister)
Giorgi Kokaia (Bachelor)
Carina Lagerhom (Bachelor and Master)
TiM Olsson (Bachelor and Master)
Johan Sandell (Master)
Gustav Strömbäck (Magister)
Petter Thoren (Bachelor)
Andreas Winberg (Magister)
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