Lund Observatory

Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics


Research is carried out both in dedicated projects with taylored observations as well as in larger collaborations and surveys.
I am in particular interested in understanding the Milky Way as a galaxy with a special focus on understanding the origin of the stellar component refered to as the thick disk.

We are currently engaged in the following survey work:


4MOST is the next generation wide-field spectrograph for surveys at ESO. The five year survey will yield more than 10 million medium resolution spectra of stars across all stellar populations in the Southern Hemisphere as well as more than 3 million high-resolution spectra for stars in the disk and Galactic bulge. Learn more about 4MOST by reading our webpages. If you are interested to join please contact us.


WEAVE is an instrument, a survey, and a collaboartion which will provide more than 4 million stellar spectra in the Northern Hemisphere.

Gaia ESO Public Spectroscopic Survey

This is a large European collaboration lead by Gerry Gilmore and Sofia Randich. The survey is about to complete in 2018 and has carried out 300 nights of observations in visitor mode with the FLAMES spectrograph on VLT. You find all Gaia-ESO publications on ADS .


SAGA is a photometric survey using the Strömgren filter system. The observations have been carried out with the prime focus Wide Field Camera at the INT on La Palma.

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