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Galaxy formation and evolution is one of the key questions in contemporary astrophysics. The main goal of my research is to provide strong observational constraints for models of galaxy formation and evolution. In particular I am interested in how a spiral galaxy forms. The empirical test bed for models of spiral galaxies can be provided in two distinctly different ways: Either by studying large samples of spiral galaxies at varying redshifts (i.e. different ages) or by studying our own galaxy, the Milky Way, in great detail. What is sometime called Near Field Cosmology.

The Milky Way is unique in that we can study its stellar and gas contents in much greater detail than in any other galaxy. I have therefore chosen to focus on the Milky Way to provide the necessary observational evidence to test today's models of galaxy formation and evolution.

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We are members of WEAVE, 4MOST, and Gaia-ESO Survey as well as the PLATO team where we lead WP 125 200.

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