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MODEST Working Group 8:

There are a great many papers and a number of books concerning stellar clusters. The motivation of this working group is to produce and maintain a relatively concise list of references intended as a starting point for researchers new to the field (eg new grad students). We list books, review articles, papers and conference proceedings as appropiate.

The idea of modelling a group of stars goes back a long way. For fun we include here a link to a quote from Beyond This Horizon (by Robert A. Heinlein [1948]).

Contact: Melvyn B. Davies


Where books are still in print, a link to the publisher is given.

Dynamical Evolution of Globular Clusters by Spitzer.

Galactic Dynamics by Binney & Tremaine.

Globular Cluster Systems by Ashman & Zepf.

The Gravitational Million-Body Problem by Heggie & Hut.

Gravitational N-Body Simulations by Aarseth.

The Astrophysics of Stellar Clusters by Davies (in preparation).

The Art of Computational Science by Hut & Makino.


Meylan & Heggie (1997) This is a good general introduction to dynamics within clusters.

Hut el al (1992) A review of the role of binaries in clusters.

Murray & Lin (1993) A review of the formation of globular clusters.

Clarke, Bonnell & Hillenbrand (2000) A review of the formation of stellar clusters.

Bailyn (1995) A review discussing the stellar contents of globular clusters.

Papers of specific topics:

Review on Relativistic Binaries in Globular Clusters by Matt Benacquista.

Useful webpages:

Star Clusters Newsletter A bi-monthly newsletter devoted to star cluster research.

WEBDA A site containing lots of information on open clusters.

Catalogue of Milky Way Globular Cluster Parameters maintained by Bill Harris at McMaster University.

Databases of the Globular Cluster Group of the Padova Astronomy Department.

Sverre Aarseth's Homepage containing links to Sverre's N-body codes.

Rainer Spurzem's Home Page and his NBODY6++ Download Site.

Starlab A Software Environment for Collisional Stellar Dynamics.

The Art of Computational Science A series of books available online by Piet Hut and Jun Makino.

Last Update: 2005-03-15