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Space astrometry at Lund Observatory

During more than two decades, researchers at Lund Observatory have participated in the ESA space astrometry mission Hipparcos, first in the planning and execution of the science data reductions, and then in the utilization of the space data in stellar and galactic research. Since 1995 we are strongly involved in the development of galactic census project Gaia, a cornerstone mission within the ESA science programme, targeted for launch in December 2013.

The space astrometry group is led by Lennart Lindegren, who is also a member of the Gaia Science Team (GST) appointed by the European Space Agency. Within the Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC) the other senior member of the group, David Hobbs, is the scientific secretary of Coordination Unit 3 (CU3), in which the core processing of the Gaia data is being developed. PhD students Daniel Michalik and Rajesh Kumar Bachchan work on specific applications which are not part of the DPAC development. Hobbs and Lindegren collaborate with specialists at ESAC to implement the astrometric core solution, the so-called Astrometric Global Iterative Solution (AGIS). Other associated and formal members of the Lund space astrometry group are listed below.

This research programme is supported since many years by the Swedish National Space Board (current project title: Astrophysical space research using Gaia), and during 1998-2003 by the Swedish Research Council (Stellar multiplicity: Origin and evolution; Statistics and dynamics).

Popular information (in Swedish) about ...

The space astrometry group:

Prof. Lennart Lindegren
Dr. David Hobbs
Mr. Daniel Michalik
Mr. Rajesh K. Bachchan

Associated members:

Dr. Ross Church
Prof. Melvyn B. Davies
Prof. Dainis Dravins
Dr. Sofia Feltzing
Former members of the group:

Dr. Johann Dischler
Mr. Vicke Dovheden
Mr. Urban Eriksson
Mr. Dag Gullberg
Dr. Berry Holl
Dr. Johan Holmberg
Dr. Bjarne R. Jørgensen
Dr. Arunas Kucinskas
Dr. Søren Madsen
Dr. Carl Fredrik Quist
Dr. Staffan Söderhjelm

Research programme - Summary of recent activities:

Astrometric radial velocities
Stellar multiplicity
Galactic research
Work on Gaia

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