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Travel and conference schedule of Anders Johansen (last updated on 18 June 2019):

17.06.2019-20.06.2019: ""From Stars to Planets II: Connecting our understanding of star and planet formation" (Gothenburg)
10.06.2019-14.06.2019: The formation of planets and the Solar system (Nafplio, Greece)
18.03.2019-20.03.2019: Roadmap towards the future of planet formation models (Frejus)
09.01.2019-10.01.2019: Seminar at University of Münster

03.12.2018-05.12.2018: PLATO meeting (Cambridge)
30.11.2018-30.11.2018: Seminar at University of Zürich
15.11.2018-15.11.2018: Meeting of Swedish National Committee for Astronomy (Växjö)
22.10.2018-24.10.2018: "Reading Terrestrial Planet Evolution in isotopes and element measurements" (Bern)
01.10.2018-02.10.2018: PhD defense of Thomas Ronnet at Universeity of Marseille
08.06,2018-08.06.2018: "METEORITES - Understanding the origin of planetodiversity" (Paris)
14.05.2018-14.05.2018: Meeting of Swedish National Committee for Astronomy (Uppsala)
24.04.2018-25.04.2018: PhD mid-way defense and seminar at Aarhus University (Aarhus)
16.04.2018-18.04.2018: "Stars, Planets and Galaxies" (Berlin)
09.04.2018-09.04.2018: PhD defense of Andrius Popovas at University of Copenhagen
26.03.2018-27.03.2018: "Circumplanetary Disks and Satellite Formation" (Nagoya)
01.03.2018-30.03.2018: Visiting scientist at ELSI at Tokyo Institute of Technology

04.12.2017-04.12.2017: "51st ESLAB Symposium 'Extreme Habitable Worlds'" (Noordwijk)
27.11.2017-01.12.2017: "Planet Formation around Snowline " (Tokyo)
08.11.2017-08.11.2017: Seminar at Hamburg Observatory
25.09.2017-28.09.2017: "EGU Galileo conference Geoscience for understanding habitability in the solar system and beyond" (Azores)
12.09.2017-12.09.2017: Annual meeting of Wallenberg Academy Fellows (Stockholm)
10.07.2017-12.07.2017: "Kavli ExoFrontiers 2017 Symposium" (Cambridge)
18.06.2017-23.06.2017: "Origins of Solar Systems" (Mt. Holyoke, Massachussetts)
12.04.2017-12.04.2017: Seminar in Amsterdam
20.03.2017-24.03.2017: Retreat with Braunschweig group
27.02.2017-28.02.2017: "Chondrules and the Protoplanetary Disk" (London)
12.02.2017-17.02.2017: "Carving through the Codes: Challenges in Computational Astrophysics" (Davos)

15.11.2016-18.11.2016: "Comets: A new vision after Rosetta/Philae" (Toulouse)
11.07.2016-14.07.2016: "New directions in planet formation" (Leiden)
04.07.2016-08.07.2016: "Exoplanets I" (Davos)
25.04.2016-29.04.2016: "How primitive are comets?" (Bad Honnef)
17.04.2016-19.04.2016: "BOTTLENECKS meeting" (Zugspitze)
07.03.2016-09.03.2016: "Planet Formation and Evolution 2016" (Duisburg)
11.01.2016-16.01.2016: "The Delivery of Water to Proto-planets, Planets and Satellites" (Bern)

16.11.2015-17.11.2015: Meeting of Wallenberg Academy Fellows (Gothenburg)
09.11.2015-10.11.2015: Visiting Shu-ichiro Inutsuka at Nagoya University
04.11.2015-08.11.2015: "Quarks to Universe in Computational Science (QUCS2015)" (Nara)
05.10.2015-08.10.2015: "From clouds to protoplanetary disks: the astrochemical link" (Berlin)
21.09.2015-21.09.2015: PhD defense of Mohamad Ali-Dib in Besancon
08.09.2015-08.09.2015: Annual meeting of Wallenberg Academy Fellows (Stockholm)
16.08.2015-21.08.2015: "Goldsmith Conference 2015" (Prague)
03.08.2015-07.08.2015: "NBI summer School on Protoplanetary Disks and Planet Formation" (Copenhagen)
29.06.2015-03.07.2015: "Disc Dynamics & Planet Formation" (Larnaka, Cyprus)
23.05,2015-23.05.2015: Meeting of Swedish National Committee for Astronomy (Gothenburg)
20.05,2015-20.05.2015: Meeting of Knut and Alice Wallenberg foundation grant on "Particles in turbulence" (Göttingen)
23.03.2015-26.03.2015: "Star and Planet Formation in the Southwest" (Tucson, Arizona) 11.03.2015-12.03.2015: "Svenska Rymdforskares Samarbetsgrupp 2015" (Gothenburg)
19.01.2015-20.01.2015: "Complex plasma phenomena in the Laboratory and in the Universe" (Rome)

01.12.2014-04.12.2014: "The Milky Way Unravelled by Gaia" (Barcelona)
04.09.2014-05.09.2014: "Planet formation theory and dynamics in the PLATO era" (London)
25.08.2014-29.08.2014: "The disk in relation to the formation of planets and their protoatmospheres" (Beijing)
18.08.2014-19.08.2014: "COMPUTE retreat" (Ystad)
04.08.2014-08.08.2014: "Non-ideal MHD, Stability, and Dissipation in Protoplanetary Disks" (Copenhagen)
07.07.2014-11.07.2014: "Pencil Code Meeting" (Göttingen)
30.06.2014-04.07.2014: "Asteroids, Comets, Meteors 2014" (Helsinki)
12.06.2014-12.06.2014: "Conference on Dynamics of Particles in Flows" (Nordita, Stockholm)
03.06.2014-03.06.2014: Meeting with Scientific Advisory Board of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (Stockholm)
13.05.2014-15.05.2014: "The formation of the Solar System" (Bonn)
28.04.2014-28.04.2014: Meeting of national committee for astronomy (Stockholm)
01.02.2014-06.02.2014: StarPlan staff retreat (Bormio, Italy)

12.11.2013-12.11.2013: Seminar at ETH Zürich
14.10.2013-15.10.2013: Launch of Wallenberg Academy Fellow mentorship programme in Stockholm
10.10.2013-12.10.2013: "Astronomdagarna 2013" (Lund)
06.10.2011-11.10.2013: "45th Annual Meeting of the Divison for Planetary Sciences" (Denver)
17.09.2013-18.09.2013: Visiting Richard Alexander at University of Leicester
22.07.2013-26.07.2013: "The Pluto System on the Eve of Exploration by New Horizons: Perspectives and Predictions" (Laurel, Maryland)
15.07.2013-20.07.2013: "Protostars & Planets VI" (Heidelberg)
26.06.2013-28.06.2013: Visiting collaborators in Göttingen and Braunschweig
17.06.2013-20.06.2013: "Pencil Code Meeting 2013" (Lund)
12.06.2013-14.06.2013: "Nordic Physics Days" (Lund)
29.05.2013-31.05.2013: "Nordic Science with ALMA" (Gothenburg)
19.04.2013-19.04.2013: Lecture at Stockholm University Astrobiology Centre
18.03.2013-20.03.2013: Visiting Alessandro Morbidelli at Nice Observatory
10.02.2013-15.02.2013: "Chronology of solar system formation V: the first solids and the first planetesimals" (Les Houches, France)
14.01.2013-15.01.2013: Seminar at University of Barcelona

08.10.2012-11.10.2012: "Rocks'n'Stars" (Göttingen)
17.09.2012-20.09.2012: "Instabilities and Structures in Proto-Planetary Disks" (Marseille)
03.09.2012-07.09.2012: "XXXII Dynamics Days Europe" (Gothenburg)
11.06.2012-15.06.2012: "The origins of stars and their planetary systems" (Hamilton, Canada)
29.05.2012-01.06.2012: "The Warm Universe: Astrochemistry at Intermediate and Elevated Temperatures" (Tallinn)
20.04.2012-20.04.2012: PhD defense Stockholm University
19.04.2012-19.04.2012: Seminar at Centre de Recherches Pétrographiques et Géochimiques at CNRS in Nancy
20.03.2012-23.03.2012: "From atoms to pebbles" (Grenoble)
09.02.2012-10.02.2012: Seminar at University of Göttingen
06.02.2012-07.02.2012: "Stars for all" (Lund)
23.01.2012-23.01.2012: Reception for ERC Starting Grant recipients in Stockholm

07.11.2011-09.11.2011: "Formation of the first solids in the solar system" (Kauai, Hawaii)
24.10.2011-28.10.2011: "Pencil Code User Meeting 2011" (Toulouse)
29.09.2011-01.10.2011: "Swedish Astronomers' Days" (Gothenburg)
01.08.2011-05.08.2011: "IMPRS Summer School 2011: Characterizing exoplanets - from formation to atmospheres" (Heidelberg)
24.02.2011-25.02.2011: "PLATO Science Conference" (Berlin)
21.02.2011-23.02.2011: STARPLAN staff retreat (Geilo, Norway)
07.02.2011-08.02.2011: Building Galaxies for All (Lund)

19.11.2010-19.11.2010: Seminar in Stockholm
18.11.2010-18.11.2010: Seminar in Uppsala
09.11.2010-09.11.2010: "PLATO kickoff" (Paris)
08.11.2010-12.11.2010: GPU meeting in Lund
11.10.2010-15.10.2010: "The Astrophysics of Planetary Systems: Formation, Structure, and Dynamical Evolution (IAU Symposium 276)" (Torino)
23.09.2010-23.09.2010: Seminar in Copenhagen
06.09.2010-10.09.2010: "Advances in Plasma Astrophysics (IAU Symposium 274)" (Giardini-Naxos, Italy)
21.06.2010-26.06.2010: "Evolving Theory for Planet Formation" (Ishigaki, Japan)
05.04.2010-09.04.2010: University of Austin
29.03.2010-02.04.2010: "Exoplanets Rising: Astronomy and Planetary Science at the Crossroads"
22.03.2010-26.03.2010: Institute for Advanced Study
02.03.2010-03.03.2010: Lund University
24.02.2010-25.02.2010: "NIC-Symposium 2010" (Jülich, Germany)
08.02.2010-09.02.2010: "Exoplanets for all" (Lund)
25.01.2010-25.01.2010: "Fluid Dynamics in Planetary Sciences" (Observatoire de la Côte d'Azur)

02.12.2009-03.12.2009: Blue Dots meeting in Paris
27.11.2009-27.11.2009: Visiting Carsten Dominik in Amsterdam
15.10.2009-16.10.2009: Visiting Rainer Arlt at AIP (Potsdam)
08.10.2009-08.10.2009: "ISM/CSM Meeting" (Leiden)
13.09.2009-03.10.2009: "Dynamics of Discs and Planets" (Cambridge Programme)
07.09.2009-08.09.2009: "Angular momentum transport and energy release in accretion discs" (Cambridge)
24.08.2009-28.08.2009: "Pencil Code User Meeting 2009" (Heidelberg)
17.08.2009-21.08.2009: "The Dynamics of Discs and Planets" (Cambridge)
05.07.2009-10.07.2009: "Origins Of Solar Systems" (Mt Holyoke College, Massachusetts)
25.05.2009-18.06.2009: Kobe University
04.05.2009-07.05.2009: Visiting Hubert Klahr and Thomas Henning at Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, Heidelberg
21.04.2009-23.04.2009: Visiting Lucio Mayer in Zürich
14.04.2009-18.04.2009: "The Astrophysics of the Magnetorotational Instability and Related Processes" (Ringberg, Germany)
16.03.2009-20.03.2009: "From Disks to Planets: Learning from Starlight" (Lorentz Center, Leiden)
02.03.2009-06.03.2009: "Planet Formation and Evolution: The Solar System and Extrasolar Planets" (University of Tübingen)
25.02.2009-27.02.2009: "Turbulence-Assisted Planetary Growth" (Uppsala)
17.02.2009-19.02.2009: University of Kent
03.02.2009-06.02.2009: Visiting Rony Keppens in Leuven

01.12.2008-13.12.2008: Vacation (no e-mail)
03.11.2008-07.11.2008: "Cosmic Magnetic Fields: from Planets, to Stars and Galaxies" (Puerto Santiago, Tenerife, Spain)
08.10.2008-10.10.2008: "Habitability in our Galaxy" (Royal Observatory Edinburgh, Scotland)
19.08.2008-22.08.2008: "Pencil Code Meeting 2008" (Leiden)
29.06.2008-04.07.2008: "Origin and Evolution of Planets 2008" (Ascona, Switzerland)
25.06.2008-26.06.2008: "Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Hauptversammlung" (Dresden, Germany)
21.04.2008-21.04.2008: "Dutch ISM/CSM meeting" (Amsterdam)
24.03.2008-26.03.2008: Visiting Jeff Oishi in Berkeley
17.03.2008-21.03.2008: "Planet Formation Processes and the Development of Prebiotic Environments" (Pasadena, USA)
12.02.2008-15.02.2008: "Supercomputing and Numerical Techniques in Astrophysics Fluid Flow Modelling" (Evora, Portugal)

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