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About the Planet Formation Group

The Planet Formation Group at Lund Observatory study a number of topics in the growth from dust grains to planets.

Our research focuses on computer simulations of gas and particles in protoplanetary discs. We study the turbulent dynamics of the gas, the growth of dust and ice particles, the turbulent concentration of pebbles, the formation of planetesimals and the formation of terrestrial and gas giant planets.

The group's activities are part of the overarching Theoretical Astrophysics and Observational and Theoretical Astrophysics environments within the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics at Lund University.

Group members

Anders Johansen leads the Planet Formation Group. His research interests span a wide range of topics in planet formation and exoplanets. Follow this link for a detailed description of publications and press coverage.

Alexander Mustill is a Senior Research Fellow who works on debris discs and exoplanet dynamics.

Bertram Bitsch is a Senior Research Fellow who works on planet migration, radiative transfer models of protoplanetary discs and planet formation.

Chao-Chin Yang is a Senior Research Fellow who works on simulations of turbulent accretion discs, dust dynamics and planetesimal dynamics.

Karl Wahlberg Jansson is a PhD student who studies the initial mass function of planetesimals.

Katrin Ros is a PhD student who studies ice condensation as a planet formation mechanism.

Matthäus Schulik is a PhD student who studies gas accretion onto young planets.

Noemi Schaffer is a PhD student who studies planetesimal formation in computer simulations and in the laboratory.

Simona Pirani is a PhD student who studies the dynamics of asteroids around the Sun as well as around other stars.

Former members:
Daniel Carrera (PhD in 2016, now postdoc at Penn State)
Michiel Lambrechts (PhD in 2015, now postdoc at Nice Observatory)

Current Master's and Bachelor's students: Sofia Savvidou, Linn Eriksson, Dan Wallsby

Former Master's and Bachelor's students: Daniel Mikkola (Bachelor's 2015), Eric Andersson (Bachelor's 2016), Erik Dahlén (Bachelor's 2012), Erik Dahlöf (Bachelor's 2016), Erik Jeppsson (Bachelor's 2013), Joakim Eriksson (Bachelor's 2014), Johannes Gebhard (Bachelor's 2013), Katrin Ros (Master's 2012), Matthew Agnew (Master's 2015), Tryggvi Tryggvason (Master's 2014), Urs Schäfer (Master's 2016), Viktor Holmelin (Bachelor's 2012)


Follow this link to see a list of publications by the Planet Formation Group.


The Planet Formation Group holds computing grants at the Lunarc Center for Scientific and Technical Computing at Lund University and through the European PRACE collaboration.


The group's activies are funded by Lund University, the Swedish Research Council, the European Research Council, the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation, and the Royal Physiographical Society in Lund. See my CV page for details

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