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Two Postdoctoral positions in Galactic Archaeology

Two postdoc positions in Galactic Archaeology at Lund Observatory are open for applications. Studies of stars and stellar systems is a broad research field that has gained momentum thanks to the European astrometric satellite Gaia. Lund Observatory is deeply involved in Gaia and related science, such as the Gaia-ESO survey and 4MOST (a massively multiplex spectroscopic facility being built for ESO’s VISTA telescope), which both provide spectroscopic complement for Gaia targets. We are also part of the PLATO asteroseismic science team.

We are seeking postdocs having a background within a broad range of stellar studies, both observational and theoretical. The postdocs will be free to define their own research in collaboration with the stellar population researcher in Lund but will be required to work on 4MOST and PLATO. One of them will work in 4MOST 30-40% of their time. The exact work depends on the skill set and interests of the applicant. The other will work 40% of their time in PLATO WP125200, which will provide stellar parameters for the asteroseismic analysis of stars.

All details about the application process and eligibility criteria can be found in the official advert and the application system, which you reach via this link.

Contact person: Professor Sofia Feltzing,

The deadline for submitting an application is 2017, November 30.

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Last updated: 2017, April 21

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