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Postdoc positions in planet formation

Lund University invites applicants to postdoc positions in planet formation.

The successful applicant will work within the PLANETESYS project that was recently funded by the European Research Council (PI: Anders Johansen). The overarching goal of the project is the development and exploitation of an N-body code to simulate the formation of planets, including growth by accretion of pebbles, planetesimals and gas. The project also concerns the chemical composition of planets and the delivery of life-essential molecules to habitable planets.

Researchers with an experience background in any area of theoretical or computational astrophysics or astrochemistry are invited to apply.

The position is initially time-limited to two years, but can be extended to three or four years, based on work progress.

Part of the research can consist of own, independent projects. Please contact Anders Johansen ( for details.

Note that applicants who obtained their PhD degree before 10 June 2014 must apply for a position as Senior Researcher: Researcher announcement

Applicants who obtained their PhD degree after 10 June 2014 should apply for the postdoc position: Postdoc announcement, but can, in addition, also apply for the Senior Researcher position.

The deadline for submitting an application is 2017, June 9.

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