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Are you interested in seeing the beauty of our Universe with your own eyes? Would you like to have a closer look at another galaxy, a star cluster or the remnant of a dying star? You may join us for stargazing! This is an offer privately organized by a few telescope enthusiasts of the astronomy department. We invite you to meet us and come with us up to the observational terrace of the department building (not the water tower). During this event we will use a small telescope to look at a few bright objects and to discover our surroundings. One of our astronomers will guide you on your tour through the night sky.

2013-02-07 Jupiter with three of the Galilean moons (Photo: Daniel Michalik and Peter Larsson) 2012-03-22 A picture of Mars taken with the 12" Meade telescope (Photo: Daniel Michalik and Berry Holl) 2013-03-26 Comet Pan-STARRS, picture taken with a Canon EOS 5D, 200mm/2.8, from Lund Observatory by Daniel Michalik 2013-03-26 Comet Pan-STARRS over the roofs of BMC, picture taken with a Canon EOS 5D, 70mm/2.8, from Lund Observatory by Daniel Michalik 2013-03-27 The open star cluster Pleiades
Pictures of some of the objects observed during previous stargazing events. All pictures taken at Lund Observatory.

All events are free of charge. We meet at the main entrance (Sölvegatan 27) of the Astronomy building at the starting time. The observation event takes place only if the weather is good and if the skies are clear. As a rule of thumb, if you cannot see the blue sky during daytime or a few bright stars at dusk we will not be able to observe. We typically update this web page a few hours before events according to the latest forecast. If you are in doubt about the weather please check here before heading to the Observatory.

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