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A view from the water tower. The observational terrace from left to right: Northern Dome (Astrograph), Heliostat, Radio Telescope (destroyed), 12 inch Meade (now replaced by a new teaching telescope)

Lund Observatory has a collection of instruments for astronomical observations. They are not actively used for science but for student education. Occasionally, we use those instruments even for public outreach, but often no capacities are left for that purpose. For scientific purposes we use facilities in better locations such as the Nordic Optical Telescope on La Palma. (Photos on this page: Daniel Michalik)

  • The new teaching telescope: 35 cm reflector + 10cm refractor

    The new teaching telescope configured for solar observations

    - Update 11 April 2016: this telescope replaces the previous teaching telescope after its destruction in a storm
    - Year: 2016
    - Mount: German equatorial mount (10micron GM2000HPS II)
    - Reflector: Schmidt-Cassegrain, 35.56cm aperture, f/11, focal length 3910mm, manufactured by Celestron, with optional white-light solar filter
    - Refractor: 10 cm aperture, f/9, focal length 900mm, manufactured by Celestron, with optional Halpha solar filter
    - Finder scope: 10x60, manufactured by Baader Planetarium, with optional white-light solar filter
    - Location: Observational terrace

  • Meade 12"

    The Meade LX200 12 inch reflector

    - Update 10 Jan 2015: the telescope is a total loss following the damage caused by a storm
    - Year: 1997
    - Schmidt-Cassegrain on equatorial fork mount
    - Reflector, Meade LX200 EMC 12" f/10, focal length 3048 mm
    - Finder scope: 8x50 mm (50 mm aperture, 8x magnification, fov 6.25 degree)
    - Location: Observational terrace

  • Astrograph

    A picture showing the historic telescope in its dome at Lund Observatory
    The historic "Astrograph" telescope from 1914

    - Year: 1914
    - Double-tube on German mount
    - 18cm refractor, blue light optimized, for photographic plate surveys
    - ca. 8.6cm refractor, focal length 129 cm, eyepiece turret (25, 12.5, 6 mm)
    - Finder scope: ca. 2 degree field of view
    - Location: Northern dome

  • Binoculars 11x80mm

    - Year: unknown
    - on tripod with ball head
    - Location: Mobile

  • Radio Telescope
    The radio telescope before and after the storm.

    - Update 10 Jan 2015: the telescope is a total loss following the damage caused by a storm.
    - Year: 2010
    - size 2.3m, 21 cm detector (neutral Hydrogen)
    - Az-Alt mount (360, 90)
    - Location: Eastern roof

  • Heliostat/25cm refractor

    - Heliostat: in-house development, tracking objects 120° around South
    - Sunlight is reflected into the objective lense of the historic 25cm refractor of Lund Observatory
    - Flexible use: Visual observations, solar projection, Hα filter with camera or eyepiece view, spectrograph
    - Location: Northern Dome/Observational Terrace

  • Celestron 8" (orange)

    - Year: estimated 1990
    - on tripod with wedge and fork
    - Location: Mobile

  • Celestron 8" (black)

    - Year: estimated 2000
    - on tripod with wedge and fork
    - Location: Mobile

  • Meridianteleskop (not in use)

    - Year: 1874
    - Location: Lobby of the Astronomy building

  • Coude Auxiliary Telescope (CAT) 1.5m (not in use)

    - Year: First light at La Silla 1981, since 2006 installed in Lund
    - Reflector, Dall-Kirkham (ellipsoidal primary, sperical secondaries), Nasmyth-focus, alt-alt mount with 7 degree tilted roll axis
    - Main mirror 1.47m made from Borosilicate
    - Secondary mirror 0.22m, four interchangeable M2 mounted on a turret, M3 0.254m
    - f/120, f/32 with focal reducer, fov ca. 2'
    - Weight: 16 tons
    - Location: Western Dome (Tower)

  • 25 cm refractor (not mounted)

    - Year: 1867
    - German equatorial mount

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