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By a computer aided visualization we have (below) a bird's-eye view of the new astronomy house. The old water tower of Lund (out of use as such since long) serves both as a very high platform for various instruments and as lodging for a planetarium.
Light from the instruments can be directed down through the tower to the cellar of the main square-shaped building, where the light can be analysed in an optical laboratory. This arrangement can be suitable both for education and instrument development. In the cellar are also found a conventional photographical laboratory, a mechanical workshop, archives, etc.
On the roof of the eastern wing (to the right) are instrument platforms, as well as an "observational terrace", suitable for smaller instruments. The court yard is also suitable for making observations, the windows towards the court yard can in fact be blacked out with curtains in one single stroke.
The building contains many workrooms, an expedition, a library, computer rooms for the students, lecture-rooms, conference rooms, a bistro, an electronics laboratory, a drawing room, and many other facilities. The striking quadrangular structure built out from the front wing houses the buildings largest lecture room, "Lundmarksalen".

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