Lund Observatory

Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics

Big Questions in Astrophysics

Plenary Meeting

The topic for our meeting is Big Questions in Astrophysics - the next decades and it will take place on Tuesday April 4 at Lund University.

Starting time: 08:30

Location: LUX auditorium

The meeting hashtag is: #KAW100

The programme for the plenary meeting can be downloaded as a pdf file here.

Slides from the talks can be downloaded below.


  • Sofia Feltzing (chair, Lund University)
  • John Conway (Chalmers)
  • Josefin Larsson (KTH)
  • Paul McMillan (Lund University)
  • Nik Piskunov (Uppsala University)
  • Jesper Sollerman (Stockholm University)
Speaker Title
Sofia Feltzing Opening remarks
Martin Rees Recent trends in astrophysics and crucial problems for the future
Bruce Elmegreen Understanding the formation of the Earth, Sun, and Stars – a challenge for the next generation
Melvyn B. Davies The future of planetary architectures
Anders Johansen Forming habitable planets on the computer
Markus Janson Toward direct studies of habitable exoplanets
Nik Piskunov Doing chemical analysis of exoplanetary atmospheres
Marcella Carollo Frontiers in galaxy evolution: Achievements so far and discoveries ahead
Volker Springel Making the Universe and its contents – what to explore in the coming decades
Matthew Hayes The circumgalactic medium in the coming decades – towards an understanding of gas flows, feedback, and baryon cycle
Kirsten Kraiberg Knudsen Early galaxy evolution - the far-infrared perspective
Thomas Bensby The New Milky Way
Michele Cirasuolo The Extremely Large Telescope: the future of European ground-based astronomy
Göran Scharmer Understanding solar magnetic fields and their role in heating the outer solar atmosphere and in producing space weather
Avishay Gal-Yam The transient revolution in astrophysics
Josefin Larsson Supernova 1987A at 30 years
Jesper Sollerman Hunting for supernovae
Jan Conrad Astrophsyical Detection of Particle Dark Matter - now and in the next decade
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