The science of Gaia and future challenges

Lund Observatory, 30th August - 1st September 2017


The science of Gaia and future challenges a 3-day science meeting to mark the retirement of Lennart Lindegren held in the centre of Lund in Sweden. Due to the large number of registered people the meeting will now be held in the Palaestra building in the centre of Lund on the north side of Lundagård park. The conference dinner will be held in the basement of the main university building (Universitetshuset Pelarsal) beside the meeting location (See maps below).

The meeting will begin at 09:00 on Wednesday 30th August and be finished by 13:00 on Friday 1st September

The main goal of this meeting is to explore the science made possible by Gaia Data Release 1, and to look forward to the coming data releases. The meeting aims to attract scientists who are interested in better understanding modern astrometry from space, and how it is best used for scientific discovery. This will include insight into the assumptions used to construct the Gaia catalogue and how to assess and interpret any flaws in the data. Almost one year after Gaia Data Release 1, the scientific results from the mission will be discussed – what have we learned about the formation, structure and dynamics of the Milky Way? We will also discuss improvements expected using the second data release, due in April 2018. The meeting will also discuss the challenges that lie ahead for Galactic dynamics and astrometry – what are the driving science questions that Gaia cannot address or will only partly answer? How can future astrometry meet these challenges with the extended Gaia 10yr mission, a new Gaia-like mission for 2035-2040 or high precision astrometry with pointed missions.

The programme for the meeting is now available here.

If you wish to attend the meeting please register here by 1st June.

There is no charge to attend the meeting, but you must arrange your own accommodation.

Confirmed speakers include: Carine Babusiaux, Coryn Bailer-Jones, Uli Bastian, James Binney, Anthony Brown, Naoteru Gouda, Amina Helmi, David Hobbs, Carme Jordi, Sergei Klioner, Alberto Krone-Martins, Lennart Lindegren, Francois Mignard, Michael Perryman, Annie Robin, Floor van Leeuwen and David Hogg.

The scientific organizing committee (SOC) are Annie Robin, Anthony Brown, David Hobbs and Paul McMillan.

The local organizing committee (LOC) are David Hobbs, Paul McMillan, Louise Howes, Guido Moyano, Alexander Mustill, Ross Church and Dainis Dravins.

Note that due to the large number of participants the meeting has been moved from the Observatory to the centre of Lund. A map is here:


Lund Observatory, Box 43, SE-221 00 Lund, Sweden
Visiting address: Sölvegatan 27
Phone: +46 46 222 7300, Fax: +46 46 222 4614
If you have any inquires regarding the workshop, please email the LOC.