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Examensarbeten i Atomär astrofysik

Ett flertal examensarbeten inom både laboratorie astrofysik kan erbjudas. För information om aktuella examensarbeten kontakta:

[Sven Huldt], [Hampus Nilsson] eller [Henrik Hartman]


Nedan finns tvĺ förslag till examensarbeten vi Atomär astrofysik.

Measurements of wavelengths in Calcium and improvements and possible extensions of the energy levels.

Calcium is an element with high cosmic abundance in many astronomical objects, and lines from neutral and ionized Ca are found in many wavelength regions. The latest investigation of wavelengths and energy levels was done around 1960, and refinement and extension is needed. New astronomical instruments with higher performance make the investigation necessary, especially in the infrared wavelength region. The development of laboratory instruments makes these improvements possible.

Project description:
Recent addition of an infrared high-resolution Fourier transform spectrometer at Lund Observatory will be used in this project, analyzing the light from a Calcium discharge. This project contains laboratory work and analysis using existing computer programs.

A background in physics or astronomy.

Determination of f-values for infrared lines of astrophysical interest

The available near infrared astronomical observatories are currently increasing, e.g. CRIRES at VLT, the airborne SOFIA etc. The atomic data for this region is only scarcely known, and improvements and extensions are heavily needed. The GAIA satellite will also, observe the wavelength region 847-874 Ĺ for many stars, and the lack of accurate data in this region has been pointed out. Atomic transition data (oscillator strength, or f-values) are experimentaly determined by combining the lifetime of an upper level with branching fractions measurements of the different decays.

Project description:
The projects aims at measuring f-values for selected lines of iron group elements in the region of the GAIA satelite but also in the infrared bands observable by ground-based telescopes. Laboratory emission line spectra of FeI will be recorded using the high-resolution NIR FTS at the EDLÉN laboratory at Lund Observatory, Lund University. Lifetimes for the upper levels needed will be sought in the literature, and if needed, measured in collaboration with the Atomic Physics group, Lund Institute of Technology. The obtained f-values are valuable in the analysis of red giant stars, among others.

A background in physics or astronomy.

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Henrik Hartman,,
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