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The 9th International Colloquium on

Atomic Spectra and Oscillator Strengths

for Astrophysical and Laboratory Plasmas

Lund, Sweden - August 7-10, 2007

Coming to Lund
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Lund Observatory
Department of Physics


We made block bookings at four hotels for the five nights between 7 - 12 August. Refer to the booking code when booking rooms at these hotels:

First Hotel Planetstaden: (50 rooms) Dalbyvägen 38
1.5 km from Lund centre
Bus: 3, direction 'Linero'
Tel: 046-280 01 00
Fax: 046-280 01 99
Single room: 754 SEK
Double room: 912 SEK
Booking code: ASOS9
Pre-booked until: July 7th

Hotel Djingis Khan: (3+10 rooms)
1.5 km from Lund centre
Bus: 3, direction 'Nöbbelöv'
Tel: 046-33 36 00
Fax: 046-33 36 10
Single room: 1144 SEK (750 SEK Friday, Saturday)
Business room: 1308 SEK (950 SEK Friday, Saturday)
Booking code: 41533 (single), 41537 (business)
Pre-booked until: June 18th

Hotel Lundia: (15 rooms) Knut den Stores torg 2
Central Lund
Tel: 046-280 65 00
Fax: 046-280 65 10
1550 SEK
Booking code: AST070807
Pre-booked until: July 6th

Scandic Star Hotel: (20 rooms) 3 km from Lund centre
Bus: 5, direction 'Gastelyckan'
Tel: 046-285 25 00
Fax: 046-285 25 11
Single room: 1190 SEK
Double room: 1290 SEK
Booking code: ASO070807
Pre-booked until: July 1st

This map shows the location of the main railway station, hotels and the conference site (Department of Physics and Lund Observatory).

If you like to see alternatives check out the following list of hotels and other kinds of accommodation in Lund and surroundings (external link). Many of the hotels that are in the extra listing are within walking distance of the conference locale, or have easy Lund city bus access to the conference.

There is also the possibility to stay in Malmö, from which Lund is easily reached with frequent trains (15min) and busses (20 min). Hotels in Malmö can be found in the here.