Seminars Autumn semester

The normal seminar time is Wednesday, 3.30 pm, alternating between Lund and Malmo. If you want to be added to the LUMCAS mailing list, please send an e-mail to

Wednesday 4/10 in Lund:
Asli Pehlivan (MAH) - Atomic Data for astrohysical applications
Departmental APT talk

Wednesday 18/10 in Malmo:
Jorgen Carlsson, Halmstad University (to be confirmed) - High precision atomic lifetime measurements

Wednesday 1/11 in Lund:
Henrik Jonsson (LU) - Stellar spectroscopy in the near-IR.

Wednesday 15/11 in Malmo:
Marten Piibeleht (Massey University, NZ) - Implementing QED and Breit in GRASP2K

Wednesday 29/11 in Lund:
Sven Huldt (LU) - EBIT experiements and CHIANTI modelling at Fudan University

Wednesday 13/12 in Malmo:
Christian Strahlman (MAH) - Time-of-Flight experiments at MaxIV laboratory


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