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Welcome to the wiki for the Pufendorf DATA programme!

Schedule for spring 2018

  • 7 February at 14.00-17.00 at the Pufendorf: Public panel discussion: From policy to practice - data management and infrastructure - 'Please register' here: [1]
  • 2 March Compute winter meeting at Lundmarksalen, Astronomy. One thread leader from each therad will present what we do in the DATA theme to the Compute research school [2]
  • 7 March
    • 10.00-11.00 7 March, Bromansalen at the University Library: Guided tour of the University Library, including viewing of the library's treasures
    • 13.00-15.00 of 7 March at the Pufendorf: Seminar on research data support at Purdue University, Michael Witt
  • 14 March at 13.00-16.00 (Pufendorf): LUPOP seminar on register studies. This is organized by LUPOP, and DATA theme members are very welcome to attend. Please register by e-mailing [3] by March 7 at the latest. More info here: [4]
  • 18 April 13.30-15.00 at the Pufendorf. Topic: home-made vs commercial? Some disciplines have a culture of developing their own software specifically tailored to their own challenges, while others are happier to buy in software and technical expertise. What are the pros and cons of each? Could we be helping each other more with this? Bring examples of your own software, and connect to your research data life cycles that Anne guided us through in October.
  • 3 May: Final event T1 and T5, Lundmarksalen. Speakers: Christine Borgman, more TBD
  • 23 May: Final event T3 and T4, Lundmarksalen. Speakers: TBD
  • 20 June: Final event T2
  • 29 August at the Pufendorf. A day of reflection and discussion on how to move forward from what we learned during the theme's work


Co-ordination pages for the various threads:

  • Thread 1 - Archiving vanishing languages
  • Thread 2 - Visualising the Universe
  • Thread 3 - Discovery from the written word
  • Thread 4 - A catalogue of stellar spectra
  • Thread 5 - Understanding how we work together

Link to LU box: [5]

Visiting scholars

  • Matthew Bietz [6] October 1 - November 1 2017
  • Anne Beaulieu [7] Spring 2018, dates TBD, October 10-24 2017
  • Michael Witt [8] February 26 - March 25 2018, and October 16-20 2017
  • Christine Borgman [9] May 2018, dates TBD

Archive of schedules

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