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Next Observing Event

The next scheduled observing event will be on Culture Night, the 15th of September. The observatory will be open at 16:00, with lectures and activities. While the Sun is visible we will be using our solar telescope and after sundown we will be obsering the night sky. Note that obseriving is only possible if the skies are clear.

The telescopes at Lund Observatory are primarily used for university education, but every now and then we take them out and invite the public to come and take a closer look at astronomical objects and events..

These observing events are organized by voulenteers at Lund Observatory and are free of charge.

The Teaching Telescope
Observing, March 2013
Observing, March 2013
Mercury Transit, May 2016
Mercury Transit, May 2016
Mercury Transit, May 2016 (Image: H. Nilsson & D. Michalik)
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