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Getting around in Lund and surroundings

From Lund central station to Lund Observatory: The so called Lundalänken is a fast bus connection (bus numbers 20 and 166) from the central station to the research area IDEON. The busses pass by Lund Observatory, and you can use them without extra cost on your train ticket. Take either of the two busses to IDEON/Brunnshög and leave it at the bus stop "Kårhuset/LTH". This map shows the route of the Lundalänken. When you get off at Kårhuset you can see in the western direction an old watertower with a telescope dome on top. It belongs to Lund Observatory, just head for it. The main entrance of Lund Observatory is at its southern side. The visiting address is Sölvegatan 27 - in case you prefer a taxi.

An alternative bus transport is the Lund city busses (10 SEK). From Lund train station the busses 1, 6, ... can be taken to central Lund bus station (Botulfsplatsen). From there bus 1 can be taken to the Observatory vicinity.

If you have little luggage to carry you can also walk from the central station to Lund Observatory. It takes about 20 min. Check this map for a route.

Between Hotel Lundia and Lund Observatory: From the hotel take city bus no. 2 in direction "Annehem", get off at "Fysikum". Back in direction "Värpinge".

Between Hotel Planetstaden and Lund Observatory: bus no. 3 from stop "Jupitergatan" in direction "Nöbbelöv", get off at "Lasarettet". Back in direction "Linero".

Between Hotel Sparta: and Lund Observatory: the hotel is located in walking distance, 5-10 min.

Local busses and trains are operated by Skånetrafiken.
Tel: Mo-Fr. 6.30-20.00, Sa. 8.00-18.00, So 9.00-18.00: 0771-77 77 77.
Automatic time table information at 020-61 61 62 (in Swedish).