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Coming to Lund

Times and prices listed below are based on currently available information and should be taken as indicative.

Information about public transport within Lund, and how to get from the central station to Lund Observatory may be found under Getting around.

By train

Göteborg to Lund: train 100, prices for one-way ticket (normalbiljett / förköpsbiljett): IC: 380/285 SEK Linx: 713/376 SEK

Stockholm to Lund: train 80, prices one-way (normalbiljett / förköpsbiljett): IC: 547/409 SEK, X2000: 993/509 SEK

From Copenhagen (Kastrup) and Malmö (Sturup) airports (map).

Copenhagen airport (Kastrup) to Lund: Regular trains connect Kastrup across the Öresund bridge with Malmö. The trip takes about 20 minutes and costs 80 SEK. Tickets can be purchased for the complete trip to Lund. Not all trains continue from Malmö to Lund. In case your train does not continue, change trains at Malmö station and take a local train (Pågatåg) to Lund central station. If you have not purchased a ticket for the whole way, do not forget to buy your ticket at the machine in Malmö (34 SEK to Lund). Otherwise, you will be charged an extra fee onboard.

Malmö (Sturup) airport to Lund: Airport busses (Flygbussarna) depart to Lund about every other hour, with departure times about 10 min after arrival of airplanes from Stockholm. The ticket is 90 SEK and the trip takes about 40 min. The busses stop in central Lund, the train station, and the hospital, which is within walking distance of Lund Observatory. There are also taxis available and credit cards are usually accepted. Do not forget to ask the driver for the price in advance. For further information on the airport busses phone 020-61 61 61, or check this web site.

By car

From Kastrup/Copenhagen: Drive on highway E20 over the bridge to Malmö. The fee for the bridge is to be paid on the Swedish side. Then continue on the E22 northwards to Lund.

From north or south on highway E22: Leave the highway at "Lund Norra" and drive towards the centre on "Norra Ringen". Continue along Norra Ringen passing a traffic circle, until you reach the intersection at Svenshögsvägen (approx. 1 km, Statoil station on right hand side). Turn left onto Svenshögsvägen and continue straight ahead. Svenshögsvägen changes to Tornavägen after the traffic signal. The Observatory lies at the following traffic signal, of the intersection of Tornavägen with Sölvegatan. The Observatory can also be detected from a distance by the dome on top of the old water tower.

From north on highway E6: Leave the highway at "Lund/Bjärred" and continue towards Lund. After about 4 km, at the round-about, drive northwards ("Norra Ringen" which finally leads to highway E22). At the intersection with Svenshögsvägen (Statoil gas station on the left hand side) after about 1 km, turn to the right. Follow Svenshögsvägen and continue across the next intersection into Tornavägen and to Lund Observatory (see above).

Parking: It is easiest and most economic to park at your hotel. At Lund Observatory only a limited number of places (2 SEK/h, excluding weekends) are available. Moreover, they are usually occupied during daytime. There are two parking houses at the hospital located nearby (about 300m from Lund Observatory, 5 SEK/h). The parking houses can be reached by driving from Lund Observatory to the left on Tornavägen and to the left again after the bridge (50 m).

Car rentals in LundTelephone
AVIS046-14 50 30
Bilia Syd AB - Volvo and Renault 046-18 18 00
Bilkompaniet - Vans046-29 44 51
Europcar - Bilmo i Lund AB046-19 79 39
Folkes Biluthyrning046-13 64 25, 211 80 45
Hyrbilen Shell i Lund046-12 81 10
OK046-211 73 95
Statoil046-211 33 91, 13 13 01