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Paul Barklem, Andrey Belyaev and Martin Asplund
Uppsala Observatory; A.I.Herzen University, Russia; Research School of Astronomy, Mt Stromlo, Australia
Charge exchange and non-LTE Li line formation in stellar atmospheres

Dainis Dravins
Lund Observatory
Absolute Lineshifts - A New Diagnostic for Stellar Hydrodynamics

S Feltzing (1), D Faria (2), I Lundstrom (1), A Ardeberg (1), G Gilmoreb (3), P Linde (4), G Wahlgren (1)
(1) Lund observaroty; (2) ESO Chile; (3) IoA, Cambridge, UK; (4) Malmö högskola
The metallicity distribution function in dSph galaxies based on Stromgren photometry - Draco

Ralf Flicker, Patrick McGuire
Lund Observatory; Center for Astrobiology (INTA/CSIC), Madrid (Torrejon de Ardoz), Spain
Efficient Simulation of Adaptive Optics Technologies for the Euro50 Telescope

Ulrike Heiter, R. E. Luck
Uppsala Astronomical Observatory, Sweden; Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, USA
Abundance Analysis of Planetary Host Stars

Susanne Höfner (1,2), Rita Gautschy-Loidl (3), Walter Nowotny (4), Josef Hron (4), Uffe G. Jorgensen (5)
(1) Uppsala Astronomical Observatory; (2) NORDITA, Copenhagen; (3) Basel; (4) Inst. f. Astronomy, Vienna; (5) Astronomical Observatory, Copenhagen
Time-dependent Processes in AGB Stars: Models meet Observations

Sveneric Johansson, V. Letokhov
Lund Observatory
Astrophysical Lasers in Eta Carinae

Per Knutsson, Mette Owner-Petersen
Lund Observatory; Lund University
Emulation of dual-conjugate adaptive optics

Arunas Kucinskas (1), P.H. Hauschildt (2), V. Vansevicius (3), L. Lindegren (1), H.-G. Ludwig (1)
(1) Lund Observatory; (2) Hamburger Sternwarte, Hamburg, Germany; (3) Institute of Physics, Vilnius, Lithuania
Synthetic spectra, broad-band colors and effective temperature calibrations for late-type giants: theory versus observations

Hans-Günter Ludwig, Matthias Steffen, Bernd Freytag
Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam, Germany; Lund Observatory; Department of Astronomy and Space Physics, Uppsala
3D Simulations of the Solar Granulation

Tanja Nymark
Stockholm Observatory
X-ray emission from circumstellar interaction in supernovae

Magnus Näslund
Stockholm Observatory / Vetenskapens hus
Astronomy in the House of Science - a way to increase the interest in natural sciences

Persson Carina, Zackrisson Erik, Bergvall, Nils
University of Uppsala
On planetary-mass compact objects as dark matter

Felix Ryde (1,2), Vahe' Petrosian (2)
(1) Stockholm University; (2) Stanford University
On the Spectral Polarization of the Prompt GRB Emission

Felix Ryde (1,2,3), Dan Kocevski (1), Edison Liang (1)
(1) Rice Univerity; (2) Stockholm University; (3) Stanford University
Properties of long gamma-ray burst pulse profiles

Felix Ryde (1,2), Matt McQuinn (1), Vahe' Petrosian (1)
(1) Stanford University; (2) Stockholm University
The curvature effect and the intrinsic light curves and spectra in gamma-ray bursts

Miguel de Val Borro, Pawel Artymowicz
Stockholm Observatory
Disk stability and vorticity generation by giant planets in disks

Theresa Wiegert, Duilia de Mello, Cathy Horellou
Onsala Space Observatory (1,3); Goddard Space Flight Center (2)
A gallery of galaxies in the Hubble Deep Field South