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We made block bookings at reduced rates for the Astronomdagar 2003 at three hotels. Refer to the booking number/code when booking rooms at:

Hotel Lundia: (20 rooms)
Knut den Stores torg 2
Tel: 046-280 65 00
Fax: 046-280 65 10
Booking number: LUN011003
Sunday-Thursday 1245 SEK
Friday-Saturday 795 SEK
Deadline: Sept 1

Hotel Sparta (18 single + 2 double rooms, new prices from May 1!):
Tunavägen 39
ca 1.5 km from centre
Tel: 046-19 16 00
Fax: 046-12 85 25
Booking code: ASTRONOMMÖTE
Single Sunday-Thursday 680 SEK
Single Friday-Saturday 495 SEK
Double Sunday-Thursday 865 SEK
Double Friday-Saturday 650 SEK
Deadline: Aug 25

Hotel Planetstaden
Dalbyvägen 38
1.5 km from centre
Buss: 3,11 mot Linero.
Tel: 046-280 01 00
Fax: 046-280 01 99
whole hotel smoke-free
Single room: 853 SEK
Double room: 1103 SEK
Booking code: Astronommöte
Deadline: Sept 1

This map shows the location of the hotels, the Getting around page provides information about transportation between the hotels and Lund Observatory.

If you like to see alternatives check out the following list of hotels and other kinds of accommodation in Lund and surroundings.