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[April 2019]

Concert for free on the 13th and 14th of April

On the 13th and 14th of April, the Astronomical Society Tycho Brahe organizes a unique music concert in collaboration with the group Trio Nebula.

Trio Nebula sets their own music with astronomical links ( The first concert will be in Lundmarksalen (13/4, 19.30) and the next day there will be two performances, one aimed at children, at the Tycho Brahe Observatory in Oxie. More information can be found here.

Everyone is welcome, the concert is for free.

[September 2018]

Saturday September 29
Everyone is welcome to celebrate the Astronomy Day and Night at Lund Observatory, Astronomihuset, Sölvegatan 27.
More info: ALVA homepage

[September 2018]

Culture night at Lund Observatory

Lund observatory opens its doors to the public on Culture night with activities, lectures and telescope viewing (if the weather allows). The program can be found in brocyr for Naturvetarstråket.

[September 2018]

The Lund University Planetarium celebrates its 40 years

Following a donation by Carl O. Springer, Lund Observatory purchaised an optomechanical GOTO projector and started a Planetarium back in 1978. 40 years later there may not be much left of the original installation, but the planetarium is as popular as ever.

You are welcome to stop by and celebrate with us during the first weekend of october. More information can be found on the Vattenhallen website.

[April 2018]

Källen Symposium on Exoplanets

Welcome to the Källen Symposium on Exoplanets Exoplanets Towards the Future
Time and place: 17 May, 9:30-16:00 in the Lundmark auditorium, Astronomihuset.
Registration deadline: 11 May.

[February 2018]

Remodeling of the Astronomy Library in February-March

We need to convert part of the library into offices because the department is expanding. The construction work starts on February 26 and is expected to be completed approx March 23. During this time the library and the study areas are closed. However, we start moving shelves and books already on February 5 and when this work is going on is the library not accessible.

For loans of textbooks and other questions, please contact Eva Jurlander, 046-2227304,

[November 2017]

New website launched

After having kept to an old University standard for many years Lund Observatory has finally decided to adhear to the currently recommended layout for its website. If there is a specific resource you can not find on the new website, please talk to a member of the web group.

[September 2017]

Dynamical Universe for All

Dynamical Universe for All is the latest in a series of mini-workshops arranged by Lund Observatory. Following on from earlier "for all" meetings, the idea is to have the broader astronomical community learn about the topic.

The provisional date for this meeting is 5-6 February, 2018.

[June 2017]

New telescope at Lund Observatory

The LMK foundation has granted Lund Observatory funds for purchasing a brand new, state-of-the-art 24" telescope that will benefit both universtity students and members of the public.

[May 2017]

Upcoming Workshop: The science of Gaia and future challenges

The science of Gaia and future challenges a 3-day science meeting to mark the retirement of prof. Lennart Lindegren. The meeting will begin at 09:00 on Wednesday 30th August and be finished by 13:00 on Friday 1st September.

For more information please visit the meeting webiste.

[May 2017]

The Nordic Planetarium Association meeting 2017

Lund Observatory, together with Vattenhallen Science Center, will be hosting the Nordic Planetarium Assoication (NPA) meeting during they weekend of September 1.-3. 2017.

For more information please visit the meeting webiste.

[April 2017]

Melvyn B Davies has been awarded LUNA's pedagogical prize

The student union at the Faculty of Science, LUNA, has decided to award Melvyn B Davies at the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics with their pedagogical prize for 2017.

"The pedagogical prize is awarded to an outstanding teacher. Such a teacher should understand individuality of different students, be an asset and resource for support, create enthusiasm for the subject being taught and take into account the student opinions."

The award will be handed over during the graduation ceremony on June 4th.

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