Lund Observatory

department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics

Recent history (after 1980)

Picture is taken 1982. The rocket behind the astronomers had launched from Kiruna in the 60s for a project studying meteors. From left: Nils-Eric Cerne, Gösta Lyngå, Gunnar Larsson-Leander, Herta Nilsson (behind), Inga Åkesson, Lennart Lindegren, Torbjörn Wiesel, Nels Hansson, Stig Wramdemark, Björn Stenholm (top), Peter Linde (below), Eva Jurlander, Dainis Dravins, Hans-Ove Hagerbo, Katrin Särg, Stefan Larsson, Eva Mezey, Egon Olsen

Picture is taken in front of Grindstugan (where astronomers had their coffee breaks). From left: Larssons children, Nels Hansson, Dainis Dravins (behind), Peter Lundqvist, Birgitta Larsson, Herta Nilsson, Peter Linde, Eva Mezey, Katrin Särg, Toomas Erm (in front), Gunnar Larsson-Leander, Kerstin Palm-Johansson, Stefan Larsson, Eva Jurlander, Fredrik Wallinder, Ingemar Lundström, Staffan Söderhjelm (with umbrella), Björn Stenholm

Lund Observatory 1988. From left: Anders Johannesson, Dainis Dravins, Lennart Lindegren, Eva Mezey, Henrik Lundsted, Katrin Särg (in front), Herta Nilsson, Peter Linde (left of Tycho), Ingemar Lundström (left of Tycho), Peter Lundqvist (sitting), Stefan Larsson, Nels Hansson (right of Tycho), Björn Stenholm (right of Tycho), Staffan Söderström, Birgitta Larsson, unknown, Gunnar Tilly, Harri Lindgren

Spring lunch 2002 was had outdoors in the old observatory park.


Picture is taken in June 2003 at the annual herring lunch. From left: Arunas Kucinskas, Maria Aldénius, Mette Owner-Petersen (sitting), Martin Lundqvist, Stefan Ivarsson, Krister Nielsen, Alexander "Sasha" Gontcharov (kneeling) Vladilen Letokhov, Per Knutsson, Henrik Hartman (behind), Glenn Wahlgren, Hampus Nilsson (sitting), Sveneric Johansson, Holger Riewaldt (behind), Birgitta Nordström, Theodore Gull, Torbjörn Wiesel (behind), Stefan Spännare (sitting), Sven Huldt, Thomas Bensby (partially visible), Ralph Snel (behind) Gun Wiesel, Bengt Rosengren (kneeling) Lennart Lindegren, Hans-Günter Ludwig (barely visible) Kristina Lindgren, Søren Madsen (kneeling), Bjarne Rosenkilde Jørgensen (behind), Urban Eriksson, Eva Mezey, Kasper Öberg (behind), Dainis Dravins, Nels Hansson (kneeling), Herta Nilsson, Gunnar Larsson-Leander , Eva Jurlander (kneeling), Stig Wramdemark Björn Stenholm

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