Lund Observatory

department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics

The Lund Observatory Library

The Lund Observatory Library is a part of the Physics and Astronomy Library, which is a joint resource for the Department of Physics and the Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics (including Lund Observatory)


The Lund Observatory Library is located on the second floor of the astronomy building, Sövegatan 27, Lund.  There are desks available for students to sit and study. Older astronomy books and journals are kept elsewhere.  

Opening hours

The library is normally open from 8 to 17, Monday through Friday.  The library is closed on public holidays and during some weeks in the summer.  For a more detailed information, please contact us at 046 222 7304.

Applying for a library card

In order to borrow material at the Lund University Libraries you need to obtain library card. The card is free of charge.

Please start by reading the rules and then proceed to applying for a library card on the web. Bring a valid source of photo-ID and pick up your card at the Lund Observatory Library or any of the other Lund University libraries.

Loan Periods

Lund University Students Researchers/Ph.D. students
Monographs 6 months
(28 days guaranteed)
6 months
(28 days guaranteed)
Scientific Journals 0 days 0 days
Digital media 28 days 28 days
Course literature 14 days 14 days
Project literature     0 days 365 days
(no maximum loan period)

How to borrow material from the Lund Observatory Library

All book loans must be recorded in LOVISA, the Lund University library catalogue. To get your loans registered, ask for help at the desk outside the library. Here you can also get a library card to the Lund University libraries.

If there are no staff present to help you (e.g. during evenings and weekends), please go to the web page and follow the instructions.

Another possibility is to take a copy (free of charge) of the barcode (the back of the book, not on the cover) and the barcode of your library card. Some books have no barcodes yet, and then we would like you to take a copy of the front page or title page of the book.  The copying machine is the office desk.

When the book is returned it is important that it is deregistered. Please, give the book to the staff or put it in the box opposite the office desk.

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